New Year’s Resolution: Say Goodbye to Last Year’s Clutter

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The entrance of the new year brings about a handful of traditions that many people eagerly participate in. These can mostly include quitting dreadful habits and creating a long list of personal rules that are directed toward a better life.

In several instances, people also try decluttering their houses as a part of these traditions, primarily because clutter tends to leave people feeling jaded and unorganized. By sprucing up every corner in the house, one can revel in a fresh perspective when the new year kicks in. 

Here are some tips on how to get started.

Begin by Specifying the Goals of the Task

It doesn’t matter how much space there is or how many rooms the subject of the cleaning process are. Setting up a goal helps one arrive at a concrete plan that will minimize any trouble in the course of the task.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Create a map that covers all the rooms that require cleaning out. Prioritize the “clutter flashpoints,” where there is an ample amount of junk.
  • Determine the completion date for each stage of the process. Be realistic about the time frame to avoid frustrations.
  • Create a timetable where specific locations have corresponding schedules. This way, the task will be more organized, and the whole process follows a certain flow.

Establish a Sorting Scheme

Since clutter can come in various forms, it would be better to have a sorting method for the items. There is a popular sorting approach called the “Three-box Method”. This allows someone to decide where each piece will go, be it the toss box, keep box, or donate box. 

Options can vary, depending on the preferences of the person. This method prevents functional and usable items from going straight to the scrap heap.

Don’t Stack Clutter in “Out-of-Sight” Corners

Moving old clutter into hidden spaces like the attic is, in itself, not decluttering. It just gives way to another problem in the future when the heap keeps piling up. Rather than hiding old items in places where they can’t be easily seen, resolve to ditch them completely. 

People resort to such a practice on the off chance that the old items may serve a purpose someday. In reality, when old items are kept in out-of-sight spaces, they are usually forgotten.

Be Wary of Other People’s Clutter

Dealing with clutter thoughtlessly may lead to a fight among family members. It’s true that throwing away somebody else’s clutter is much easier than throwing yours. But understand that some clutter may still hold some value for others. 

Make it a point to negotiate with the other members of the household about their clutter. Never decide to throw away clutter without asking their permission first. 

Sell the Usable Clutter

Doesn’t it sound great to have your unused stuff sold in one way or another? Start selling things online by having all the functional items sold at an internet sale community. 

Just collect the items that no longer hold value to anyone in the household but are still usable. Choose an online platform that fits the nature of the products, and market them at a competitive price.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will this help in reducing the clutter, but it will also generate a certain amount of cash you can use for contingencies.

Make Decluttering a Fun Task

Find time to play cool music and drink fun beverages while decluttering. This task does not have to be superdemanding. Ask for assistance from a family member or a friend if need be. Engage in a cheerful conversation with them while decluttering. 

Have fun choosing the right colors and design for the three-box method. After the task is completed, go out and treat the family to good food. 

Off to a Good New Year Start

Decluttering before the year closes is such a therapeutic experience. On many occasions, it can help ease the stress that is akin to the overwhelming effects of information overload. It guarantees a range of psychological benefits that are truly vital for a person’s well-being. So better start decluttering before the year ends. Life is so much better without messy rooms!

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