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November 2016 Highlights

It’s that time of the month again which means it’s time to sit back and reflect on November. We are now well and truly on our countdown to Christmas and I am so excited. We haven’t really got many Christmassy or festive things planned until the big day but it’s our fourth one together as a family of three in this house. Adam and I also celebrated 4 years of togetherness on 9th of this month! It was really nice to have him home for the evening as he usually works nights.

November was a pretty busy month to be honest. Our TV broke back in the summer and we’ve finally managed to get a new one which is being delivered on 1st. No, no I didn’t succumb to the Black Friday madness although I have to say the excitement seems to have died down and the internet didn’t break. Perhaps that’s because companies were offering Black Friday deals for pratically the last two weeks of November and running until the end of the month but whatever…

No, we have gone with a 49″ Sony Bravia Smart TV. It’s our first smart TV but I’m not sure how useful that will be considering Adam is getting an Amazon Firestick for Christmas (he knows, thanks Mum) and we have a PS4 which has all the telebox functions too. Either way, it looks nice and will be bloody awesome for playing the long awaited Final Fantasy 15, HD Remaster of Skyrim and Battlefield 1 on. I’m sure Netflix will look fine on it too.

I had a fantastic time at Blogfest and that was without a doubt my highlight of November. It was so amazing to meet some wonderful bloggers at last and spend some time socialising with them. I really enjoyed the talks and came home with a pretty interesting goody back. I am hoping I will be able to attend some more conferences and meet ups next year. It’s really helped my confidence and now I recognise a few more faces I think that will really help with my anxiety.

I’ve done really well with Swagbucks this month getting me £115 in Amazon vouchers and Adam signed up to get himself a £50 giftcard with PC World. This has really helped us each get a little treat and get a few things I needed at home. I’m working on getting another £100 throughout December. I’m part of a really great group which is really supportive on Facebook and gives everyone tips and advice on how to get more Swagbucks.

I’m making a few changes to the blog because as you may have read I’ve felt it’s not been very personal lately and just, well, a bit materialistic and full of reviews which is fine but I’ve decided to start doing monthly Review Roundups on the majority of items I’m reviewing to break up the content a little bit. I will still feature full reviews on here but I’m going to weigh each item up in terms of how much I really like it, it’s personal value to me and it’s actual retail value so that I can gauge how much time I should be spending reviewing it. You can read my first November review roundup to see what I mean.

I’ve finally gone past 4,000 page views a month which I’m really proud of and I’m seeing more visitors coming from search engines. I’m really happy about this as it looks like people are finding my content quite valuable and helpful. I’ve also reached over 1,500 followers on Twitter, 1,450 on Instagram and I am so close to my first 1,000 likes on my Facebook page. My next aim is to increase Instagram and Twitter to 2,000 each, 5,000 page views and 1250 on Facebook – which I find the hardest to crack!

So another month has come to an end but that means it’s almost December which means Adam and Mini Kat both get their full two weeks off work and school, Christmas fun and my 28th Birthday! I’m looking forward to showing you our Christmas this year. How was November for you? What are you looking forward to next?




  1. It sounds like you’ve had an incredible month. I hope your Christmas wishes come true, it’s always such a special time and I’m so glad you enjoyed blogfest, I’d love to go next year.

  2. Wow November was a month and a half! Congratulations on the social media and of course on the blog popularity too. Well deserved #dreamsandsparkle x

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary and also on the progress with the blog!
    I hit over 1000 visitors this month and I’m buzzing about it! I’m trying to consider what goal should be reached to justify moving to self hosting but not sure!

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