October Family Life Update

It has felt quite hard to get to half term and the end of October really but we’ve had a pretty good month I think. I felt pretty different during our last family update. Evie is currently away and Adam is on his last of his days off so I’ve been trying to get some work done in the early hours of the morning. I’ve been enjoying not having to get dressed the second I get up to rush out the door and all of that will change on Monday for a week when we are back at school.

October has been great for me, I finally feel like I’ve been back working properly which has been great. I’ve enjoyed writing again, I’ve done a little bit of freelance work and I’ve been doing some self development style courses behind the scenes too. I have also decided to invest in myself and work with the very lovely Chloe from Bump to Business on her 20:20 vision accelerator. I’ve got a lot of ideas and a need to channel them properly so that next year starts and ends with a boom, with plenty to celebrate along the way. I’m very excited about working with her. I have been going through her Instagram course which has been fantastic really, and taught me a lot of things that I’m going to start implementing today. I’m hoping for lots of Instagram growth in November. If you want to see what I mean you can follow me over on Instagram now, I plan to be very active in November!

Adam, Felix and I had a lovely Autumn walk and tried to get some nice family photos.

Personally my anxiety has been pretty controlled this month. I feel like Ive said yes to things that are good for me and no to things that aren’t. I’ve done well money wise which has helped some of the stress I’ve been feeling lately and taken a bit of pressure off. I feel like I’ve needed to reach half term for a bit of time to slow down. We are going to Centerparcs soon and I’m very excited about that. November should be a fantastic month for us.

Adam has done pretty well this month with juggling University and work. He has struggled to get to some of his lectures with working the night before and being so tired when he comes home at 7am but he’s doing more readings and utilising all his resources which is fantastic to see. His course is so interesting. He has reading week next week so I think he only has to go in for two of his lectures. He’s going to miss his lectures when we are away but I think we all need a break away from the home as our last holiday was a bit of a disappointment.

Evie has been doing well for the most part. I had a great chat with her teacher about getting some extra support in place and possibly some SENCO time to help with a few things but parents evening went well. She has a really lovely group of friends and school does seem more of a pleasure to her these days. Some days are still harder than others but we are working together with a big life journal and doing some gratitude and resilience activities with her which does seem to help.

Felix is doing well, I’ll update in his monthly but we had a lot of fun celebrating his first birthday at Legoland.

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