Old Photos of Me – #Blogtober16

Today’s #blogtober16 prompt is ‘An Old Photo of Me’ however I had a lot of fun looking over some old photos and couldn’t choose just one! Please bear with me, these are photos of photos so the quality is questionable. Digital cameras were not as easily accessible in the old days of my youth!

img_4875So this is a little on the blurry side isn’t it? But this is me. I had that same hair for about six years, it seriously wouldn’t grow and then it just went brown. No wonder I colour my hair now! I think I was about two or three here, sitting in my grandparents back garden. I’m not quite sure what I’m wearing to be honest but I wasn’t old enough to dress myself.

img_4870This is the brown hair. Again, I had that hairstyle for pretty much all of primary school life until I turned eleven and thought growing it would be fun! I am the one on the left, my little sister Leah is the smaller one. I think this was when she first started school so she must have been about four…making me almost nine!

img_4874 img_4873

Here I am, age 16, red dress and black hair at my school prom! There really was a day I used to be slim! That’s probably why I got away with sitting on my friends without killing them.

img_4867This is like a toddler selfie isn’t it? Sort of awkward half up the nose shot. Honestly without a front facing camera we had no idea what photos would look like. The kids today just do not feel the struggle! I believe I was seventeen here (lip piercing as a sign of rebellion after leaving school) and was just about to start college. This was ten years ago but it feels like an absolute lifetime ago.

So there we have it! Several old photos of me from my childhood!


  1. That’s the problem when you get the old photos out, there are so many of them! I was born with blonde hair too and it went brown at around age 4. All three of my girls where born with blonde hair too and are now brown, it’s only my youngest boy who has stayed fair headed and he’s 6 now, so he may or may not go darker. #blogtober16

  2. What a great selection of photos! It’s fun to look back and remember different times in our lives, isn’t it? Unfortunately I cringe at most photos of myself, old and new! #Blogtober16

  3. In the first photo your hair was a lot like mine, really bright. My brightness faded as I’ve got older

    Tasha x

  4. Ahh! Fab photos! I spent ages looking through old photos when I was choosing mine. hehehe
    Life was so hard without a front facing camera. lol x

  5. Fun trip down memory lane with these photos huh? Blogtober sounds like a cool thing, but wow daily prompts?

    1. Author

      Yes it’s good to put a me back into blogging and have some new things to write about. I’m really enjoying it! Most of my posts are scheduled in advance so I’m not writing the posts each day, good planning helps! 🙂

  6. I love a good rummage through the old family photos. It such a novelty to actually physically hold and look through pictures isnt it! I love this, great little walk through memory lane so thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  7. Brilliant photos, both my husband and I were blonde until about 12, I am now mostly red/dark so everyone looks at the children’s blonde hair and says where did that come from. We never had proms in my day, and when I was at school we didn’t even have a phone camera!

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