Our 6th Anniversary of Togetherness

Happy Anniversary Adam!

In six years together I think this year we’ve had our biggest adventure by bringing a small person into the world and becoming a family of four. I love that we have taken the time to celebrate being together over the years as well as being a family and that actually this was just the perfect time to make our little family bigger.

I love that we’ve had trips abroad, city breaks and caravan holidays. I love that we’ve had date nights and seen countless films at the cinema. I love that we’ve had trips to the zoo, the farm, aquariums and theme parks. I love that we’ve done so much cool stuff together.

I love that you’ve been dependable and reliable. That you’ve taken time to really think about how to make you’re life better. I’m so proud of you for completing an access course and starting a degree at university. I’m so glad that even though you tell me how badly you did at school you are still achieving academically, whilst being a dad and an employee. I love that you are determined to make our family work however way it has to. I love that you are happy to support me working the way I want to. I love that we both contribute. I’m not sure I love how every trip to Sainsbury’s results in you buying an iced coffee but hey, we all have our flaws…

I love that we are both introverts and that our best days are often spent playing video games and laughing together with snacks. I love that we still text each other stupid photos and memes pretty much every day to make the other one smile.

I have absolutely loved the last six years of having you in my life, seeing you as a step dad to my daughter and seeing you as a dad to our son. I love you, Adam. I love that you’re funny, kind and so interesting to speak to. I love that we can discuss things (sometimes a bit heated, I’ll admit) but I love that you teach me things too.

Thanks for meeting me all those years ago and buying me a chicken wrap. I’m pretty sure providing you with a baby has returned the favour. I’m excited to see what our 7th year together as a family of four will bring.

Happy Anniversary

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