our family in 2020

i’ve been meaning to write this for a while now but life has just kind of got in the way. i wanted to write a bit of a family life update. please execuse the terrible grammar in this post, i’m now working on a chromebook, which i really love, but because i touch type and there is no caps lock key on a chromebook it means that i have to kind of get out of the flow of writing to press two buttons to turn caps lock on and then shift to turn it off but where caps lock is, is a search bar which frequently comes up and again, disturbs the flow. so now there are no capital letters. sorry. some posts will have them, if i write on my phone or my desktop or adam’s laptop but any i write on here won’t. i suppose thats because posts on here are going to be spur of the moment when i have the energy to write.

that is a lot of rambling all about capital letters. i’ll summarise. this post has none. sorry.

anyway, back to my little family update. i only really write these little diary entries for us as a family or for any family or friends that care to read how we are doing. i’ll start with me. the lack of capital letters is really infuriating me too but i’m also a very lazy editor. sorry.

i am okay though as it goes. i’m really happy with my little chromebook and the ability to just type away again from the comfort of my sofa. i love our pc but the chair is broken and i’m saving up for a new one that is safe for my size and not an old dining chair. i’ve been changing my instagram a little bit this month to focus on books and body positivity. family stuff is kind of staying in my ig stories now or on my travel account, youtube and facebook. and here i guess. basically my insta is growing away from family stuff because i kind of want to reclaim a bit of my social media for me, that isn’t so family focused. i want to be part of the book community on there more.

i don’t think i’ve ever really conveyed how much i love reading and books on my blog which is funny really because it’s a space dedicated to words. i really do love reading though. i always have. it is my favourite thing to do, to spend time in and be a part of. i will never not love books. i’ve set another good reads book challenge of 52 books this year again and i’ve already done 4. i am going to be doing a weekly book chat on igtv too. a book chat video series talking about what i’m reading, listening to and book box unboxing. i’ve subscrubed to fairy loot and illumicrate so far and i am so excited about them.

so thats my update. i love books. it is absolutely a form of escapism from the mundane for me. the trouble is i end up getting sad because they worlds aren’t real so then i dive back in and reread. i do want to add in some non fiction business type books this year too.

the kids are doing pretty well i think. evie’s alright, still has her difficult moments which we struggle with. we’re working on it though. she’s got a residential with school coming up and a week abroad with her dad so she’s got lots of nice things to look forward to. hard to say if it’s attention seeking, potential adhd or hormones. probably a mix of all of them and some anxiety and overwhelmed feelings thrown in there too. its hard because i’ve never parented a nine and a half year old before so it feels like every age is just completely new.

felix is doing well, he isn’t walking yet but can stand unaided, climb on everything, and knee walks. he is just about starting to get to standing from a crawl position without support and we have seen him take a couple of unaided steps. i think he just feels he can get places faster on his knees right now. he cruises and climbs and puts all his weight on his feet well enough so i think it’s just confidence and balance for him now.

he’s saying a few more phrases and words now which is very cute. he sticks with things like “i did it” “yeah” “what” “no” and stuff. he’s very chatty which is really cute and you can have made up conversations with him. it’s so nice seeing his personality come in.

adam is doing well. he needs to sort out the mot on his car and working nights is hard going with uni but he’s doing it. in fact he just got 3/4 of his assignment results back and is averaging a 2.1 at the moment which is fantastic considering all the multitasking he is doing. he is working on coming up with his disertation question for his last year at uni. i can’t believe how long he’s been back in education now, he’s got about a year and three months left until he finishes his final year and is hoping to apply for graduate schemes to kick start a career. exciting times.

we have kind of decided that next summer before he hopefully starts a graduate scheme and we maybe relocate we’d like to do a three week uk wide road trip. we think it will be good for the kids. hopefully we will be able to hire a comfy car so adam can drive in comfort and the kids can enjoy travelling in it too but we will see. we need some recommendations of places to go and want to mix it up with city, country and coast places, a mix of b&bs and maybe caravan parks and i think we want to make our way up to edinburgh and back. we will see, should be fun planning it.

anyway 2020 is here. i hope its a great year for you however you spend it and wish you lots of love and success.

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