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This is a collaborative post. 

I sometimes feel that Evie really misses out by not having access to a garden and it’s something that is becoming non-negotiable when we decide to move. We are, hopefully, going to be relocating next year depending on a few things but either way moving is absolutely on the cards for us. We have outgrown our two bedroom flat and we really do want some outside space. I often speak to Evie about the kind of things she’d love to have in her own garden and what kind of games we’d play. I don’t think we’d need a huge garden but one big enough to play in, a grassy area and a little patio would be perfect.

A wooden playhouse would be an absolute dream. I always wanted one as a child and I absolutely love the ones that GBC Group have to offer. Having something like this gorgeous two storey playhouse at the bottom of the garden would brighten it up and give Evie so much chance to play plus something of this size would provide fun through the years. I envision her using it with her teddies and toys, growing into a clubhouse with friends and her own little outside space as she grows up. I always wanted a lovely playhouse like this growing up and I would love a chance to give one to my own children. I love the bright blue colour of this one and the fact that it has an upstairs. There are so many possibilities of play with this and I’d love to watch and see how Evie made it her own.

Fort Sandpiper Playhouse

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I’d also love a little patio area for summer BBQ’s and evening get together’s with friends and neighbours. I want an area to entertain that’s outside the house just to give us all a bit more room and the kids space to run around. I’d love to have comfy seating surrounding a firepit where we can gather to chat, laugh and drink wine. It would also be lovely for those crisp, cool but bright autumn evenings with cosy hot chocolate. In the summer I’d love a place to relax with a good book or even the option to work out in the garden just to try something different.

I’d want a patch for growing something and attempting to garden. I have no idea what I’m doing but I can imagine there is something really satisfying about growing and then eating something from your own garden. I’d love to have strawberry plants and root vegetables growing and I’d love to get Evie involved in that too. Outside play is so important for kids and growing things in your own garden is a great way to get in with nature and teach them how things grow. I think they find it a lot more fun if they’re getting involved in it too. I can’t wait for the day we finally have a garden, our own outside space for play, entertaining and learning.

What is your favourite thing about having a garden? 


  1. We don’t have a proper garden….We have a small concrete back yard. I would love some grass and somewhere to plant things….That playhouse looks fab x #MMBC

  2. I do hope you get your garden next year. We have a similar playhouse in our garden. Ours was a great e-bay bargain and gets lots of use. #MMBC

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