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Our Plans for the Summer Holidays

I can’t believe Evie has done another year at school and has finished infant school. In September she will be turning 8 and heading into year three. I’m so proud of how hard she’s worked this year and as it’s our last summer holiday as just three people I want to try and make the most of our time together. It’s also a nice break for Adam as he’s finished college and done so well and will be heading to university. I feel like it’s one of those summers that we really need to make the most of it. Obviously being pregnant and trying to hold onto a bit of cash for when our new arrival makes an appearance is a factor to consider as well as staying close to home on the very small chance that he does arrive sooner than expected.

summer holidays

Our plans for the summer holidays are pretty simple really. We’ve had a holiday to the Isle of Wight which was really nice and a chance to get away from home for a few nights so we won’t be going anywhere too big but we want to fill the summer with lots of happy fun, family memories. Here are a few things we are hoping to do this summer together:

Trips to the park

Swimming on the weekend

Visiting our local Farm Park

A day out to a local museum

Family walks

A day out at the beach

Picnic lunches

See a film at the cinema

Making Cakes

With Evie’s birthday coming up at the start of September we want to spread the things out but we will make an effort to go out every day even if it’s just a walk, park and an ice cream. For the rainy days we will hopefully still get out to see friends and family, play some video games and watch some family movies, maybe we’ll have some popcorn too. I’d also really like to redecorate the bathroom over the summer holidays and I’m sure Evie would love to get involved in that. I’m hoping my flamingo obsession can continue on into the bathroom but I’m not really sure how keen Adam is on another pink room in the flat!

landguard holiday park play area, summer holidays

Alongside all of this I will obviously be having a few more midwife appointments and another bigger antenatal with my Doula which will be great. We will be seeing Adam’s nan celebrate her 90th Birthday too which will be a nice way to spend some time with family. Adam hasn’t really got any time off over August as he had a week off for our holiday in July and hopefully by October will be having his two weeks paternity leave – not that it will be much of a break as he will be a new dad and still having to attend University but I think he will take it in his stride. This year has flown by and I’m sure August will do the same.

What are your plans for the summer holidays? Are you going anywhere nice? For more ideas for spending time with your kids outside have a look at this post by The Life of Spicers.

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