party popteenies review

Party Popteenies Toy Review

Party Popteenies Everyday’s a party – and you’re invited!

We were thrilled to receive Party Popteenies; some brand new toys launching on 6th July. Party Popteenies Series 1 has 25 dolls to collect in three unique themes which are Cutie Animal, Rainbow Unicorn and Winter Wonderland surprise. We received a double party popper and party playset before the launch so we could show everyone. Evie is super happy with her new Party Popteenies and has helped me with a video showing how to pop the double party popper!

Double Party Popper

The double party popper pulls apart revealing some unique surprise treats. You then twist the bottom to pop the popper revealing the theme and surprise inside. Out pops some lovely colourful confetti along with the toy which really does make it feel like a party. Evie (7) found this quite simple to open but younger children might need a little help twisting the bottom of the popper. Party Popteenies is aimed at children aged 5+ I love the packaging, it’s super colourful and really fits in with the brands message of being all about a party.

Party Popteenie Double Party Popper

Party Popteenie Double Party Popper

Party Popteenies Playset

The playset is absolutely fantastic and would make a great gift for children that love revealing little surprises. There are lots of little doors to open to reveal extra surprises for your child to create the perfect Popteenie party.

Party Popteenie Party Playset

There are 25 dolls to collect in total and each doll is featured in a different theme. We have two dolls: Ava and Bella from the Rainbow Unicorn surprise theme. Other items included stickers, confetti, small animals, food, table and chairs. I love this because it created an actual playset for Evie to play with and you can see how easy it would be to build up a collection and to extend the party with extra characters. The girls are super cute with lovely clothing ready for a party and I really love the themes they have created for the Party Popteenies. I would love to see more from the other two themes.

Party Popteenie Double Party Popper

Party Popteenie Party Playset

We were thrilled to receive the Party Popteenies double party popper and playset. I know it’s going to provide loads of fun for Evie who loves anything she can collect.

Disclaimer: We received these toys in exchange for this blog feature, however, all opinions remain my own. 

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