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Today for #Blogtober16 we are talking about piercings and tattoos. Both of which are things I like and have liked having over the years. At the moment I have three tattoos and three piercings. Sort of. I wear a lip and nose stud and I can wear earrings if I want to. Over time I’ve had my bellybutton pierced twice, my nose the other side to where it’s currently pierced, my septum, my lip has been pierced four times and my ears three times in each ear. I wanted piercings from the age of about eight when I first got my ears done and got my lip pierced when I was sixteen. I got a lot whilst I was in college and my septum when I was around eighteen I think.

septum piercing, red hair

Another old photo with me. I have no idea what I’m doing with my face or what I’m looking at but still!

There was a time between maybe twenty and twenty three that I didn’t have any really but when I moved back here after ending my relationship with my daughters father I got my lip pierced again. The day before I started a new job I went to meet Adam in Basingstoke and whilst I was waiting I got my nose pierced. That was nice and spontaneous. I think I was twenty five then.

I got my first tattoo as a gift from my dad for my 18th Birthday. It’s a tribal pattern with a star at the bottom of my back. I got the others shortly after. I have a rose on my right arm surrounded by stars. It’s kind of near my elbow but on a fleshier bit of skin. I have another on my left shoulder which was done in two sittings. The first was a red bow and then a few months later I got some writing underneath it that curls around the bow and says “Follow Your Bliss”

Follow Your Bliss are lyrics from a couple of songs now from my favourite band and I think it’s a good reminder to just do what makes you happy and content. I think it’s a good rule to live by because negativity just doesn’t serve anyone. shoulder tattoo, red bow tattoo, follow your bliss tattoo


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