Planning a new move?

With the start of the New Year just around the corner and all the presents unopened from Christmas cluttering up more of your space you might be considering to move home. We’ve been talking about making a move for a while now and it’s become apparent more than ever with a new baby that we need more space.

When we first moved into our flat five and a half years ago we barely had enough possessions to fill it but over the years we’ve turned it into a real family home which now has it’s fair share of clutter. Moving home would take a lot more effort, energy and organisation. Moving home would need removal people, storage solutions and probably a few trips to the skip!

We’ve also got a bit more criteria for a home now we’re a bigger family and really we need a three bedroom property. With Evie being eight and Felix just three months there’s no way it’s appropriate for them to share a room as they would be unsettled and of such different ages I wouldn’t be able to let Felix play in there for a long time for fear of him swallowing something.

I would really like to move from a flat to a house with a small garden and just be in a bit more of an enclosed area so my daughter could go outside and play safely. I used to go out on my own all the time at her age because traffic was low, there were plenty of green spaces to play and I knew my way home. I’m not sure Evie would where we are living in the busy town centre with busy roads and more people driving these days.

When my mum moved she always wanted a conservatory and that was kind of her main thing. I think everyone has a main thing that they really want and I think ours would be a family bathroom and a downstairs toilet. Four people in the house and you can guarentee the moment someone (usually Adam who bathes at weird times) wants a bath everyone needs the loo and with upcoming potty training – although not for a few years, a downstairs loo will come in handy!

Of course everyone has their dream home but I don’t expect we will be moving into that one for a few years just yet! I think we will probably be in the flat this side of Felix’s third birthday because moving takes a lot of saving but one day it will happen and I expect we will be moving quite far from our home town.

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