Tears Into Smiles with Elsa Plaster

Playing Outside with #TearsintoSmiles

This post is in collaboration with BritMums and Elastoplast and is entry to the BritMums #TearsIntoSmiles competition.

How do you turn #TearsIntoSmiles?

It is so much nicer now we can get outside again. Living in a flat with no garden can be quite sad for us as a family as it would be so lovely to get outside without so much effort. However, it is so important for Evie to get out and just play. She loves having a run around and always heads outside in the garden when we visit family. We walk to and from school and sometimes take a bit of a detour through the local park or down by the river just to continue being outside and burning off some energy after a long day of learning.

Tears Into Smiles Playing At Park

Of course, having a six year old that runs, skips, hops and jumps pretty much everywhere means accidents happen and having a stack of plasters in my bag is pretty much a necessity. In fact just the other week on the way to school Evie slid in a little mud and fell straight on her face, banging her legs onto the hard concrete and grazing her hands. It’s never nice when it happens before school and there were plenty of tears.

Evie doesn’t really cry that often when she falls over but she does panic a little when she sees her own blood and it is quite an effort to cheer her. I always start with helping her up and trying to get her to stop looking at her injured limbs which is pretty tough. We have a quick hug and a kiss before trying to continue on our way. If I have plasters with me then I can put them on there and then which does always seem to help as she can’t see the blood or graze anymore. Plasters are a great way to distract.

We will then walk slowly together and I’ll try and change the subject, talking about something funny or something we’re excited about like a holiday or happy memory. I might talk to her about who we are seeing that week to get her thinking her happy thoughts again. This sometimes works, especially if Evie has already been distracted, comforted and a plaster covering up the cut.

Tears Into Smiles Puppy Playing Outside

Throughout our walk to school or back home I’ll remind her that she’s doing really well and being very brave. It can be quite hard sometimes as it’s a very long walk and as I am a non driver she can be in a bit of pain for quite some time. Distraction and talking about positive things whilst reminding her how well she’s doing seems to work really well and more often than not the tears will vanish and a few giggles or smiles will creep back up.

The thing is, accidents happen when out and about but I don’t want that to stop Evie from enjoying her playtime and being outdoors. We always try to make sure she knows what’s safe to avoid those tears from happening in the first place. We tell her to take her time with her climbing and not to run in front or behind a swing. I feel like I have to remind her to pick her feet up when she runs too as there is always uneven path or steps that she forgets about because she just wants to get out there and play!

How do you turn your little ones #TearsIntoSmiles?


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