Protect Your Money at All Costs!

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You work hard to earn your money, right? You devote hours upon hours each week to work just so you can fill your bank up with money and put food on the table, right? Well, because you work so hard and devote your time in these ways, you don’t deserve to have the money you earn taken from you unrightfully. Specifically, you don’t deserve to have it taken unlawfully by thieves or even lawfully by your country’s government. But just because you don’t deserve to have your money taken in these types of ways, it doesn’t mean there aren’t people and services out there that will try to take your money.

And because these thieves (both burglars and lawful services) are out there, you have to be doing all you can to protect your money from them. And you have to protect your money from them at all costs! For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

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Protect your money against burglary

Burglary poses the greatest threat to the money you earn, there are no two ways about it. It always has been, and probably always will be the most common way in which money is stolen. But, just because burglary has always been a threat to the finances of the victim, it doesn’t mean burglary hasn’t involved over the years and changed. It doesn’t mean burglars are still taking the same course of action they would have been taking, say, fifty, twenty or even ten years ago. It doesn’t mean burglars are targeting the same things in order to tap into the finances of their victim. No, burglary has changed, and to protect your finances against it you need to know just how much it has done as well as how it has done.

Basically, the biggest change in the tactics of those that burgle specifically for money is that they now go straight for technological devices that can connect to the Internet in their quest. Instead of necessary going for items of value, such as jewellery or TVs, they now go for things such as laptops, tablets and phones. Why? Because these sorts of devices can hold the key to the safe that is holding all of your money: your bank account. What burglars now do is target these devices specifically, then take them to a tech-wizard who can tap into them with ease, and have them unlocked so that they can subsequently find their way into your bank accounts. So, in order to protect your devices and subsequently your finances from burglars who burgle in this fashion, make sure your devices are NEVER on show and are hidden at ALL times. Even when you’re in the house, if you’re not using your devices, simply hide them. Hide them because burglars can now break into a home in a practically undetectable fashion, in under three minutes, even in broad daylight.

So, don’t let burglars tap into your hard earned money by making their job of stealing your technological devices as hard as it can be. And remember, be vigilant at all times, even when you are in your home, even when it is in the middle of the day!

Protect your money against lawful taking

It’s not just burglars and other reprobates cut in that same fashion that you need to look out when it comes to protecting your money. It’s not just thieves, pickpockets and cyber criminals that are after your money. No, your country’s government are after it as well, and you need to do all you can to protect your money from them. And no, before you question the validity of this accusation, this is not saying your government are out there plotting to steal your money. You are not living in an age where those that govern you will take what they like, when they like. No, this is just to say that there are ways in which your government can take your hard earned money, but there are ways to protect against this happening.

Specifically, your government will try to take your money from you and those that you leave behind after your passing if you don’t clarify where you specifically want your money going. For instance, if you don’t write up a will and testament, and it proves difficult for the government to track down any relatives or benefactors that you’ve left behind then, then after your money has gone through a probatory period — in which your debts will be paid off — it will land straight in the hands of the government. And you can’t rely on heir hunters to track down those that you want to benefit financially from the money you leave behind, so you simply must ensure you write out a will. And you should do this no matter your age (if you are, of course, an earning adult).

Similarly, you should also take out life insurance, such as that provided by The Insurance Hero Group, so as to ensure that those who you want to reap the benefits of your finances after your passing are the exact ones that do so instead of someone that you have never met and have no connection with. And, when it comes to taking out life insurance you should give great thought into what type of cover you are after in regards to when you want the money you save and grow to be paid out and how much you want to be paid out. You could take out full-life cover that will see you covered, as you can probably guess, throughout your whole life. Or you can take out term-life insurance that will see you covered for, generally, ten to thirty years.

What you should also do if you are dead set against having your earnings and your investments falling into the wrong hands upon your death is give away everything you want to give way while you are alive. By doing so, you can help those that you leave behind having to deal with what is known as Inheritance Tax.

Money, when spent wisely and when protected even more wisely, can be the centre of your happiness and far from the root of all evil. So, get spending your money in as wise a fashion as possible, and get protecting it in such a fashion too!

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