being made redundant

Redundancy – New Year, New Career.

There’s something I’ve known for quite some time now that I haven’t really made ‘public’ yet but it’s been at the forefront of my mind for months. At the beginning of November it was confirmed that my current place of work would be closing and the majority of us would be losing our jobs by being made redundant…not a good sign for someone like me that’s only been there since April and such a shame because I think this is one job in which I have really come into my own and learnt a lot about myself and I have become quite confident in my skills. But it happened, and so now it’s time to move on. I’ve been quite lucky in this role to learn a few different skills and a different type of environment which has taught me how to organise and prioritise my work.

What I will genuinely miss is my team members. We’re a small team, but we get on together really well, and I sincerely wish these people all the luck in whatever they do next and I really hope we all stay in contact and see each other again in the future. I feel I’ve made some really good friends in this work place, and I am really going to miss working with them. At least I’ll always have someone to wax, shape and tint my eyebrows for me…a good way to keep in contact if I help keep someone in business!

I hadn’t been looking for anything new as I was going to save it for the new year and didn’t really think many people would want to hire before Christmas but a couple of people from the recruitment team at Bewiser came in to talk to us a couple of weeks ago. I was invited for an Interview last Thursday and I was kept a little longer to have my second interview with the manager straight away which was great as it got it done straight away for me. At the end of the interview I was told I would find out by the end of the week but I wasn’t as confident as I have been before after job interviews. Yet two hours later I had a call that has actually made me so much more excited for Christmas.

The best news I can announce is that I have another job to walk into on 12th January and I truly am starting a new career. As I’ve mostly worked in the finance or insurance industry I have always had to have a working knowledge of compliance and so I am starting a role within the Audit department at Bewiser. I think one of the highlights of my interview was being asked why I wanted to work at the company and starting my answer with “Well, I quite like Owls…” There are Owls everywhere…seems like it will be a happy place for me to be able to work. What’s even greater is I won’t be taking a huge jump down in salary either and there seems to be a lot of prospects within this company so I really am hoping for a career here and as it’s in an industry I know and a role I’ll be excellent at, I’m excited.

So I am now working my notice for my current employer as I was expected to stay until the end of February to complete my redundancy but you know what, sometimes you have to do what is best for you, not what is best for the company that you’re going to be leaving anyway. Job security will always be the most important thing for me and my family. No more early morning 45 minute walks to work…as I will literally be just around the corner from my flat! I am really excited for a new opportunity.

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