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Reflecting On 2018

Happy New Years Eve. Another year has just passed by in an absolute flash so I wanted to take the chance to look back over the year and remember a few highlights. The biggest highlight being of course finding out we were pregnant and then giving birth to my son. I actually found out I was expecting on 17th January and was still pregnant in October. That’s a lot of the year to be pregnant for!

Happy New Year image from unsplash, Purple neon happy new year text on black background

In the Spring we saw snow which was very strange and stopped me going out of the house! I hate the snow, it’s so dangerous and I’m clumsy on dry ground so going outside was just not worth it in those early weeks of pregnancy. I was still waiting for my 12 week scan at that point too so I just wasn’t willing to chance having a bad fall.

We found out we were expecting a baby boy in March as I had a second scan around 16 weeks pregnant and they had a look for us. However, they said we would know for definite at our 20 week scan in May. It was lovely to have that confirmed again (several times!).

We celebrated Adam turning 27, Evangeline turning 8, the birth of Felix and my 30th Birthday yesterday. It feels weird that tomorrow, New Years Day, I’ll be able to say that next year I’m 32. We have a lot of birthdays to look forward to in 2019 too.

We had a lovely holiday to Isle of Wight right in the middle of a heat wave. It was a great holiday, despite it being so hot and I was so pregnant. Adam had to sleep on the sofa bed as there wasn’t enough room for my pregnant self and him in the main bedroom. We did lots of walking, swimming and tried to make it as fun as possible for Evie.

Beach and Sea from Sandown, Isle of Wight

September brought about dog sitting and Evie starting Year 3 in Junior School. I can’t believe how grown up she has suddenly become this year. She got a new hair cut to match which really suits her and she seems so tall. It really feels like she’s closing in on those pre teen years. She’s become so independent too. It’s lovely seeing her grow and I think her biggest challenge has been going from only child to big sister. She really loves Felix though, loves to play with him and give him cuddles. She’s really helpful and I’m very proud of how she’s transitioned.

Adam also started University, originally doing a Criminology degree but has changed that to Philosophy, Religion and Ethics which he is very interested in. He also started a new job where he’s still a night porter but actually works through the night. It’s much nicer having him home during the early evenings to help with Evie and Felix and the best thing is he works four days on and four days off. It’s good knowing that, even though he’s back to work on New Years Day, he’ll be off for the weekend and the first two days of Evie getting back to school. Working through the night also means he isn’t missing much of Felix as he gets plenty of time with him when they’re both awake.

Obviously October was a huge month as Felix was born by c-section. October meant having to stop Breastfeeding because I couldn’t really cope with it with the loss of blood after surgery. It was a tough month of tiredness and learning how to sleep and move again properly but it was a happy month and went by so fast.

high bmi unplanned c-section birth story

November saw Adam and I celebrating our sixth anniversary together and going to watch Fantastic Beasts thanks to Adam’s sister for babysitting Felix. I got very into Strictly Come Dancing which I’ve never watched before and might have got a bit obsessed!

December has been a strange month and has actually felt a bit of a let down. It’s a shame really because I love Christmas and we usually make much more effort. I haven’t felt very Christmassy at all and I had a very minimal birthday. This was altered heavily by both Adam and I getting Food Poisoning on 23rd and still feeling quite poorly on Christmas Eve. Adam feels better now but it takes him longer to recover so Christmas Day was a bit hard for him. However, we made the most of it and enjoyed our gifts and dinner with my parents.

Wrapped Christmas Presents in Multicolour Paper under the Christmas Tree

I’m looking forward to 2019 which should see Adam finishing his first year of University, passing his driving test and buying his first car. I’m hoping to get back on with writing my book and getting it published. I’m looking forward to seeing Felix reach new milestones and celebrating his first birthday and I’m looking forward to our first family holiday as a four. I’m making 2019 the year of more.

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