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Reflections: Female Entrepreneur Week

In the last week of June I was an official blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week and wow what a week it was! The trainings from each of these inspiring, amazing business women were really good and I learned so much. The workshops, masterclasses and workbooks were amazing free resources that I have really enjoyed doing. As a result it’s really opened me up to the possibility of having a pretty amazing income working from home. I know some people might find it a little vulgar or unprofessional to discuss money but I really don’t. I’m not going to shy away from the fact that I want to be right up there as a six figure earner. Thanks to Female Entrepreneur Week I now have a really clear goal and vision on how I can accomplish this. FEW opened me up to the idea of realistic possibility and now I can actually feel myself at that stage where I can earn a really good wage.

Celebrating Women in Business with Female Entrepreneur Week

I have never just wanted to be small. I’ve never wanted to not be successful and I absolutely define my success on how much money I’m making. That being said I also define my success on how many people I help. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t help others. My business wouldn’t exist if I didn’t help others. I’ve received so many wonderful messages of support, of comfort and of gratitude from my readers so I will never stop being here for you. I actually want to create more of a foundation where I can help more people, give more to those that need it and ultimatly I want to help others celebrate their true successes. Because of this I really want to start working on my blog in a different way as I feel I need to share more things that will help people.

My blog started as a way to document my family lifestyle and show others what I do. A way to talk about things without shame, without judgement and without taboo. I started my blog because I genuinely believe that sharing my story of domestic abuse, of weight loss, mental health, anxiety and everything else will help others. I want people to be informed and to be able to find the resources to help easily. I have a lot of really exciting projects to work on in the coming months and I really think the next 12 months are going to be crazy good. I know they are because I’m going to work harder than I ever have to make sure these projects come to light and to make sure they’re serving and helping people in the way that they should.

10 Amazing things I learned during Female Entrepreneur Week. Few Was AMAZING and I loved celebrating other women in business. Here are my top tips.

Thanks to FEW I learned a lot. Here are some of the things I’ve really taken on board:

  1. I want to make more money. Being self employed it’s hard to predict how much money I’ll make every month but this has steadily been growing, especially in the last six months. You can read about my income boosting activities to see how I generate my income. I want this income to be more consistent though and easier to predict so I have become a Profiterole. I wish I really was filled with cakey goodness and doused in chocolate but no, I’m more of a money making profiterole that doesn’t go stale. I’ve become part of Nadia Finer’s Profit Pack and I am following the path to profit. Nadia is a business coach and she is brilliant. I’ve only known her since FEW and I’ve met a lot of wonderful coaches in my life but Nadia’s way of explaining things, the lifestyle she has and the type of business she has are all things I crave. I really believe like learns from like and I know I’m going to learn a lot from Nadia. You can get some great advice from Nadia’s Podcast Little Voice, Big Business. I’ve listened to quite a few sessions now and the advice Nadia had in FEW, her workshop and podcast really made a lot of sense to me and just pushed me into becoming part of the Profit Pack.
  2. I do have an ideal reader and ideal client in mind. I’ve heard about this type of thing before but I was a bit like hmm. Do I really need to find out who my ideal reader is? Yes. I did. I was always one of these a bit unsure about their niche too. I’ve found it really hard to pinpoint what my niche is because I cover a lot of topics on my blog. I talk about travel, about weight loss, about health and so I wanted to try and figure out a common theme. Most of my content is all about lifestyle improvement and so that has really helped me narrow down a niche and route to head towards as well as having a much better idea of who I actually speak to. A lot of my work is read my other bloggers but just because they’re bloggers doesn’t mean they have things they want to work on, improve and learn. I also have a lot of readers that aren’t bloggers and again, want to learn and develop themselves. I know I can write and I love to write however I knew I needed more focus in my content so alongside being a part of the Profit Pack I’ve also become part of the Worditude club. I joined Laura and her amazing club hours before the doors shut for a few weeks because I was waiting to get paid…I knew though that it was absolutely an investment I wanted for my business and Laura is such a lovely person. Plus she is a total wordsmith and knows exactly how to say what needs to be said. My content is going to improve a lot over the next few months especially and I am really going to work on giving more value to my readers and my lovely group of wonders in the Candyfloss Dream Team Facebook Group.
  3. Branding does matter and I’m not happy with mine. I haven’t really been happy for a long time which is why it’s changed so many times but going forward I want a consistant, familiar brand that works for my blog and across my socail media. I’m working on it and I’m going to put some time into learning some skills when it comes to the graphics on my blog. Starting with a new theme, what do you think?
  4. There are so many ways you can create a business online and I have a new found appreciation for the interweb.
  5. Whilst I am on top of my finances I know I need to work on my record keeping and reign in a few irrelevant expenses. I also want to create a bit more of a barrier between my personal finances and business finances.
  6. Going through the trainings and listening to all these inspiring women really made me realise just how huge the internet is and just how many people you can reach. It really did make me feel that anything is possible with the right guideance and support.
  7. Help is there if you want it and reach out for it but do your research first. I’ve tried so many resources, free challenges and paid courses. Most of which have been incredibly valuable and I want to continue the processes I’ve learned from them. However, my advice is find a course or club that you think will work really well and stick at it. There’s no need to keep flitting between things and I do think I might have a little bit of shiny object syndrome. I want to work on focusing more on what I have and how I want to grow rather than signing up to everything left right and centre. Thanks to FEW I feel like I’ve really got the best out of the trainings and found the people I really want to work with to help my business push forward.
  8. Invest in your business. I could only do so much when my income was lower but now I have access to more processes and tools which really make my life easier and the workload a lot less. I feel having these tools and learning how to use them now will really help when I come to rely on them more in the future.
  9. It doesn’t matter how many trainings you attend or workbooks you download. If you don’t use them to grow and practise the learned skills regularly then you’re just wasting time. I feel so inspired now and after a while of feeling stuck this seems like exactly what I needed to be a part of to push me through and get those creative juices flowing again.
  10. I have a real sense of pride and accomplisment from FEW and I really feel like I can make it, go big and that my vision has value.

Female Entrepreneur Week was educational, enjoyable and exciting. It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Bringing women together who have all these amazing businesses and creative desires was so empowering. To say I loved it is a total understatement. I have so much to give, so much I want to do and I feel truly inspired now. I’m so grateful to the ladies for bringing it together and showing us some fantastic tools and workshops. I can’t wait to work with them and I can’t wait to see what the next year of business will bring. I think it’s going to be very exciting. This is just the beginging.

I received a lot of help thanks to female entrepreneur week and I wanted to give back to my readers. I’ve created an awesome 5 Day Free Business Booster Challenge and I’d love to see you there. It’s a five day business e-course that will help you create an actionable 90 day plan for your business and includes an awesome workbook. If you’re looking to look money online you can check out my guide to boosting your income here.

Are you one of the #FEW? Free Training for Women In Business


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