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Remembering the 90’s – #Ad

In 1997 Spice World The Movie came out and I went to see it with my parents and a friend for my birthday. I had bought a new outfit from Tammy Girl with my birthday money which consisted of a fake leather-style skirt. My fashion sense was just as on trend then as it is now. Anyway, if you remember the film there are outtakes at the very end after the credits in a breaking the fourth wall kind of way and Posh Spice references “You in the leather skirt.” Well I genuinely believed she was live and talking to me. I have not lived that down with my parents.

I was a huge Spice Girls fan, I think it was one of the first sort of musical influences I found for myself rather than through my parents and it’s nice to know that a part of that lives on with Evie who can also enjoy the music of the 90’s. In fact when the tour was announced my mum asked me why I hadn’t bought tickets to see The Spice Girls live now. I think at one point two of my bedroom walls were completely covered in posters cut out from magazines of bands I loved.

Growing up in the 90’s was pretty different to how my children are growing up right now. I remember playing outside and told to come home “before it got dark” in a world were technology wasn’t as accessible as it is today. I lived in a village surrounded by the Salisbury plains, woodlands and farmland so there was a lot of chance to just play. We had the ruins of an old castle to explore and the local park was commonly called ‘Going to the rec’ where I’d spend ages playing with my friends. I remember they had four swings but there were only two that I liked and I would patiently wait until one was available to swing as high as I could. I never got the courage to jump off though.

I remember coveting a blue glittery lipstick and wearing it to the family night disco we attended at our local social club once a month. I remember that I could buy a ticket for the “adult” raffle because they always had a tub of celebrations or something that the kids raffle just couldn’t offer! As I got a little older I may have tried going for the bottle of Lambrini… The 90’s almost felt like a simpler time than today to be honest.

I had a pair of Kickers shoes which pretty much lasted all the way through to Year 11 (my feet didn’t grow much) and even after trying to be other shoes I kept returning to my trusty pair of kickers. I tried to be fashionable with weird boots with platform type heels that hurt my feet so badly and I couldn’t walk in them so looked ridiculous.

I was a huge fan of collecting Pokemon cards in the late 90’s too and loved watching the TV show before school in the morning. Again, something I’ve been able to share with my kids thanks to modern technology. Telling my daughter that when I was young childrens TV was only available between 3.30 and 5pm during the week astounds her as she’s so used to all the variety. In fact I distinctly remember how exciting it was to get channel 5 and then when cable TV was first available. I loved watching shows on Nickelodeon and when we first had that choice it was basically the best thing in the world.

The 90’s really do seem like a lifetime ago and I have a lot more to be nostalgic about. I still find it amazing just how much things have changed because of technology and how much I have witnessed in my 30 years of life.

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