goodbye july

Saying Goodbye To July

July had it’s ups but it also had a fair few downs too. I don’t know why, lies! I do know why, I didn’t take enough positive action, I didn’t work on my mindset, I didn’t work hard enough and I procrastinated pretty much every single day. So here I am on August 4th 4lbs heavier than I was last month which was not one of my goals…not at all. I didn’t reach a single one and all because I took my foot off the pedal and stopped working.

July was a hard month for me, but it was a lesson I needed to learn. STOP BEING SO BLOODY LAZY.

August is going to be AWESOME. Planning the month is well under way. Messages are getting back out there. I’m working on my online presence and connecting with people. So I know August will be great but I still want to reflect on the highlights of the month, because I want to be positive.

I started the Thinking Slimmer focus group. So I will be consistently working on my mindset towards food every single day this month to beat that sweet tooth and drop a dress size (or two). Thinking slimmer is revolutionary way of weight management and weight loss using cognitive behavior therapy. I listen to two pods each morning, and from today, each night as well to help me on my journey to thinking slimmer.

We went to the beach! 

Enjoying being a mermaid at the beach

Enjoying being a mermaid at the beach

First time on the helter skelter and she loved it!

First time on the helter skelter and she loved it!

I played a lot of video games – massive part of my procrastination but I still enjoyed playing them!

We caught up with friends, we spent time together at the park, my daughter had a swim crash course and did amazingly…she is so confident in the water and I was so proud of her.

July might have been a bit rubbish, but we did have some fun.

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