September: A Month of Waiting

September is one of my favourite months of the year. My second favourite actually, my first favourite is December because it’s Christmas and my birthday. This year September has felt like a month of disorganised chaos and waiting around. We started the month of celebrating with Evie’s 8th Birthday which was really lovely. She had a great day, lots of wonderful presents from friends and family and then birthday cake with my mum. We then dogsat for a week whilst my parents went on holiday and it was lovely seeing her interact with Mia, who is a massive fluffy bear of a dog that kept trying to start something with a hedgehog in the garden. Getting back to school has been a bit chaotic with me being heavily pregnant and I am already not liking her year three teacher. In fact it’s getting to the point where I am really contemplating trying to remove her from her school and get her on the waiting list for one that is just slightly closer to us, door to door. It turns out this is not our last family update as a family of three.

Adam also started his degree this month with his student finance coming in on time (which I wasn’t expecting) which meant we have been able to catch up with our rent, pay off some low debts and he can get himself another ten hours worth of driving lessons. He’s doing so well with his driving too and is doing so much better in an automatic. He’s actually really enjoying it and it’s great to see his confidence has risen when it comes to driving. It’s one of those things that seems you need the right car to learn in with the right instructor and he is much happier this time around. He’s nearly had his first ten hours and he’s hoping he will be test ready before Christmas. He passed his theory test first time at the start of the month which is fantastic. We’ve had to wait a lot for his new University timetable too so he could let his lecturers know about our circumstance with a new baby on the way. It was also a bit of waiting about a new job which I am so pleased to say he has been offered and has a start date for next month. I am thrilled for him. He will start just before half term next month when this baby will hopefully be at least two weeks old and he will be doing a four on, four off shift pattern. It will be a bit weird that he will be properly walking through the night from now on but actually we’ve worked out we will have much more time together and he will be able to spend more time with the baby having four days off and being here, and awake, in the evenings.

As for me, well I’m still pregnant. I found out I was around 2-3 weeks pregnant on 17th January according to the test and from the first date of my last period I was five weeks pregnant. So that means I have basically been pregnant all year so far. And we are ten months in. I am feeling pretty vulnerable at this time and sort of taking myself away from a few things. I’ve put my phone to flight mode, although I have it on WiFi so those with iMessage (My doula and Adam) can still get in touch with me and I’ve asked all family to go through Adam. I just want my baby here now, and I just want to stop talking to other people about what I’m going to do next because honestly it’s not really anyone else’s business. My baby and I are fine, I’m just tired of answering the same questions over and over again. So I am going to carry on waiting and I’ll make my decision in my own time.

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