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This week my family and I have tried four new recipes thanks to a subscription food box  from Simply Cook. We really enjoyed trying these new recipes and it’s made me remember how much I love cooking from scratch. When I’m cooking tasty, healthy meals for my family it really makes me enjoy what I’m eating and gives me a new sense of energy for trying new things. It’s so easy to get caught up having the same meals week in, week out and to be honest we were all getting bored. Evie can handle some spices too, however we selected the milder options for this trial pack to see if we could find something we all really liked.
I subscribed to Simply Cook through Swagbucks which is a cash back site. They had a trial offer which awarded me with 400 Swagbucks (which is almost a £5 voucher) and I was able to get my first trial pack for £3. I found signing up a really simply and easy process and I liked that you could customise your dishes to suit your families tastes. Our trial pack provided us with four new recipes which served 2 to 3 people. If you have a large family and would still like to use Simply Cook they do have more flexible options and larger trial packs on offer.
Simply Cook recipe and shopping list
Our pack from Simply Cook arrived after a couple of days through the post. The post man began asking questions about it but as it was the first time I had tried this particular subscription service I couldn’t really answer him. The box was larger than I thought considering it just contained the dry  ingredients. I had to provide all of the fresh ingredients to cook the meals, this did add on to our weekly food shop but some of the ingredients were things we would normally buy. What I really liked about Simply Cook was that the recipe card came with the shopping list which you could tear off and take with you on the next food shop to ensure you don’t forget anything.
Bang Bang Chicken, Simply Cook
The full recipes that we received one Bang Bang Chicken, Chipoltle Steak Salad, Paneer and Spinach curry, and a Malayasian  coconut curry. I found each of these dishes really easy and quick to prepare, all three of us really enjoyed them even Evie who can sometimes be quite fussy. I think my favourite meal was the chipotle steak salad. I really loved the dressing and found the dish really filling.
Chipoltle Steak Salad, Simply Cook recipes
With Simply Cook you can choose whether you would like spicy dishes, gluten-free dishes or vegetarian dishes. I like that Simply Cook cater to many dietary requirements. I was very happy with the price paid and I have decided to continue my subscription on a monthly basis. You can get simply cook boxes on a weekly basis, fortnightly basis or monthly basis and they can be cancelled or paused at any time.
Coconut Chicken Curry, Simply Cook
I would recommend Simply Cook to anyone that would like to try new recipes or wants to fall back in love with cooking. I really enjoyed creating and trying new dishes this week and we all look forward to trying more that Simply Cook has to offer. You can also buy a one off box during your subscription if you have a special occassion coming up or want to impress family with something new and exciting.
You can get your first box from Simply Cook for just £1 which is a fantastic offer. If you want to sign up you can do so here. This is a referral code which will give me a thank you bonus and help me earn a free box myself. This is, as always, at no extra cost to you.
Simply Cook, four new recipes
Are you are part of any food subscription services? What dish would you most like to try?


  1. This looks delicious. Love the idea as it is so easy to fall into same old same old cooking and meals lacking ideas for new dishes. Perhaps I should try this! Thanks for sharing! #bigpinklink

  2. The meals all sound delicious-I absolutely love Malaysian coconut curries! I love that you can tear off the recipe cards to take shopping with you too. I’ve been mulling over trying one of these subscription meal services for ages, and I keep comparing prices etc, but still haven’t taken the plunge! I’d like to try this one and see how I get on! I’ve also been trying to eat organic where possible, and was looking into getting an organic veg box, because I don’t always trust the ‘organic’ supermarket brand veg, and it doesn’t tend to last long either. Have you any experience with just the veg box subscriptions? X

    1. Author

      I recently read that Aldi are closest to true organic produce, and I think Ocado do organic veg boxes but I haven’t tried a veg box subscription as of yet! I think it would be worth asking local butchers though 🙂

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