Six Years A Home

We have been in our home now for almost six years and we have had a lot of love, laughs and adventures from our little base. But there’s something about every summer that makes me think when and how we will eventually move home. It’s just such a costly experience. I know we will have to consider things like moving companies and the thought of actually packing all of our lives up does make me feel a little bit anxious. Somewhere like Calgary packing is the type of moving and storage solution I will need in the future.

I do like to reflect on things this time of year though as we’ve done so much together and really become a solid family since living together. It’s seen Evie through nursery, infant school and junior school. It has been a big learning curve of living around another person. It’s been my son’s first home. We’ve planned and returned from many holidays here and entertained friends and family. Six years is a long time in one place and so as each year goes by I think about how we can make it more homely and how we can progress on to our next home.

We are trying to clear our debt so that we can put our money to good use with savings. Adam also wants to finish university first so he can look at better job prospects and then we are even considering completely relocating. It’s going to be a very long process but I think it will be worth it. It’s hard though because I would love my kids to have their own rooms and having one room for our every day living space can sometimes feel a little bit claustrophobic.

Money just really seems to be the root of all happiness and problems. We need to use everything we have right now to clear debt to make our financial future more secure but we also need to pay all our bills and somehow manage to save. On a one and a half income with two kids that’s quite tough and we’ve had a lot to pay out for these last 12 months. We’ve had to make sacrifices and it’s been hard.

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