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Sleep, Stress and Success with Tempur

This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Tempur but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sleep! There is nothing more mentally clarifying and refreshing for me than a good night’s sleep. Being a mum and now being pregnant again, sometimes it can be really hard for me to switch off and have a restful night, other times I’m so exhausted that I oversleep – which also causes it’s own issues. Sleep really does affect my emotional wellbeing, anxiety and stress levels, whether it’s not getting enough, not being comfortable in the night, or oversleeping.

TEMPUR® are supporting the Mental Health Foundation as the chosen charity for 2018. 

The Mental Health Foundation have pioneered new ways of looking at mental health and improving the lives of people experiencing mental illness for more than 60 years.

TEMPUR® will be donating £10 for every mattress sold through the TEMPUR® UK website, or through a TEMPUR owned store (brand or outlet) throughout May 2018.

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My Sleep Routine

For years I’ve had quite a weird sleep pattern, which has been an ongoing factor with my mental health and wellbeing. I seem to sleep in stages – the first of which is having a decent sleep of seven hours so I can wake up feeling refreshed. This really does set me up for the day and I think having a great mattress and pillow makes a huge difference to the quality of sleep I have. I use the Bedtime App on my phone to help remind me to switch off, track my sleep and gently wake me up with an alarm during the week. I find this really helps me to put my phone down, get comfortable in bed and relax.

However, there are times when I suffer near insomnia, though which really has an effect on my anxiety levels. I will go through maybe having two or three hours of very light sleep through the night, often waking in the very early hours of the morning and not being able to switch off again. This makes getting up and out the door for school hard and leaves me feeling unproductive. I struggle to focus and find my stress levels increasing through the day because of the exhaustion.

After this period of not sleeping enough I eventually become so tired that I go through another stage of sleeping far too much, often finding myself struck down with fatigue in the early hours of the evening, feeling lethargic and having to get myself into bed early. This type of sleep is really broken, frequently getting up in the night for drinks and to use the bathroom and then usually waking up with a headache.

Sleep Success Beats Stress

It’s a very strange cycle, which over the years I’ve managed to find a way of coping with that works for me. It’s taken me a while but I have found that managing my anxiety has really helped me to have a much better routine in the evenings and mornings. These have helped me to have more productive days and getting a much healthier amount of sleep. Whilst eliminating stress completely isn’t possible, there are a lot of things we can do to manage, cope and keep stress at healthy levels. Here are some of my top tips for sleep success and less stress:

  1. Invest in a good quality mattress which will support your body throughout the night.
  2. A warm bath and drink do wonders to naturally relax us. Lavender also has relaxing properties that help us calm our minds and bodies.
  3. Having the bedroom at the right temperature makes it easy for us to drift off in a comfortable sleep. I like a cool room with layered blankets personally.
  4. When pregnant, getting into the right position helps sleep and I find using a pregnancy support pillow is really helping me.
  5. Come away from the screens. I enjoy listening to audiobooks in bed which help me switch off because it keeps the room dark, unlike the TV or my iPad.
  6. Reading a few pages of a book before I get into bed helps too. I try to read in the living room and then put the book down before coming to bed.
  7. Having a calm and clutter-free bedroom helps keep my anxiety in check and stops me overthinking, and therefore not being able to fall asleep.
  8. When suffering from sleep apnea, it is vital that you consider using a CPAP machine for better sleep

Tempur have worked alongside the Mental Health Foundation to produce a sleep guide, giving tips on sleep and how to get a good night’s sleep.  These will be available in Tempur stores and on the Tempur website.

Tempur have a range of additional marketing activity to support this initiative which include: New TV asset, branding within the stores and fundraising for MHF by having their ribbons in Tempur stores -customers will be able to purchase a ribbon for a £2 donation

What are your top tips for a good night’s sleep?

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