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Spring Cleaning Tips with Milton

Despite the recent snow days all over the country we are, supposedly, in Spring which apparently results in lots of epic cleaning, de-cluttering and preparing the home again for the summer. Spring cleaning is high on our list this month because we have a lot of stuff we really need to sort out. I was sent a bundle of home hygiene goodies from Milton featuring some fantastic cleaning products to make this a simple process which included washing up liquid, laundry detergent, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial surface spray and antibacterial hand gel. I wanted to share a few tips for de-cluttering the home and how to start deep cleaning things up this spring. All of the Milton products are perfect for use with children and babies too which is great!

  1. It’s not a job you can get done in one day. Give yourself a reasonable timeline. The best approach, I find, is to tackle one big job a day. We have three cupboards to sort out as well as under our bed which is basically all of our storage space. This is why the flat looks so cluttered, we don’t actually have space to store very much.
  2. Get rid of what you can before you start deep cleaning. There is no point cleaning things you aren’t going to be keeping.
  3. Be ruthless. It you have stuff you just aren’t, won’t or can’t use, why are you keeping it?
  4. Take it one room at a time. This can stop the whole job being really overwhelming and feel like you’re in a never ending pit of deep cleaning.

spring cleaning your home with milton hygiene products

The Milton products we’ve received are really fantastic! 

  1. Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel – this has been perfect to use before and after cleaning Evie’s new earrings to make sure all our hands are clean. The smell with these can usually be quite strong but this is nice and mild. It hasn’t dried out my hands and is perfect to fit in the handbag! It features an added moisturising agent too which is a lovely bonus.
  2. The Milton washing up liquid – does a brilliant job at cleaning the dishes. It’s fragrance free and there hasn’t been a stain or grease mark it hasn’t been able to tackle. It creates a few lovely bubbles and gives our plates and cutlery a nice shine. This is formulated for sensitive skin and is ideal for using with baby items like bottles, teats, and weaning items. Perfect for removing milk residue too!
  3. I love the Milton laundry detergent – my sense of smell since becoming pregnant has gone through the roof and some detergents and laundry powders have been extra strong. This is, again, a subtle clean laundry smelling fragrance and has done a great job at making sure everything is clean! It’s hypoallergenic and can be used from 30 to 90 degree washes.
  4. The Milton antibacterial wipes – they have been great for wiping down the sides in the kitchen and are in a handbag sized pack too so they’re easy to carry around with you outside the home. The pack comes with 30 wipes and I imagine they will be great for when this baby is here too to keep in the change bag when we’re out and about! They’re safe to use on soothers and bottle teats. They’re also 100% biodegradable which is amazing.
  5. The Milton surface spray – this has been another great way of wiping everything down and getting things clean. It’s safe to use around the kids too because it’s bleach and alchohol free. The fragrance is fresh and subtle and ideal for cleaning all sorts of surfaces that kids get their hands on.

I think a great place to start is clothes. We’ve already gone through all of Evie’s old bits that are far too small for her. You can donate clothes in good condition to charity shops or try and sell them online. I need to get rid of things that are too small for me and stop hoping I’ll fit into them one day. It will be a long time before I get into a size 14, lets be honest. If you do decide to sell any on then you can use the money to get yourself something new. I know that defeats the purpose of de-cluttering the clothes but it’s nice to have a treat from all the hard work. To keep clothes smelling fresh you could try hanging a scent bag in your wardrobe or drawers.

Next tackling under our bed is a big job. We don’t really have a lot of space to move furniture around and under the bed is a storage space for us however we seem to have an unnecessary amount of suitcases that we don’t use under there. Some of them are broken and really serve no purpose so they have no place in the home. Ideally I would like to get some storage drawers or boxes for underneath the bed to keep everything nice and neat.

We are planning on changing our living room a little bit. We really need to get rid of our dining table which is stuffed in the corner. The only person that can use it is Evie and we don’t have enough space to pull it out because my desk is next to it. Adam and I eat all our meals at the coffee table on the sofa so it’s just in the way. Having one living room which also acts as part office, dining room and study space for Adam’s college means it gets cluttered and messy very quickly. Getting rid of the table means I can move my desk into the corner which will result in having a little more space. We are going to bring our blanket box through from the bathroom to use as extra storage in the living room too. That will lead us to sorting out all the towels that we don’t use and that are looking rather tatty. Our next big purchase is hopefully going to be a corner sofa. We currently have two sofa which take up so much space in our small living room and a corner sofa will allow us to open the balcony doors which is a must in the summer. Hopefully selling some of our older stuff like the dining table and clothes will give us the funds to get a decent sofa sorted.

We then have our three cupboards to de-clutter and sort out and we need to do this in some sort of order. The first one is our bedroom cupboard which holds our Christmas decorations, Adam’s guitar, lots of old bags and a few other unnecessary things. The plan is to bring out the seasonal stuff to put into our hallway cupboard and keep this cupboard for more memory, nostalgic, things we hardly ever use and so on. This is so we can move our bed over which will mean we won’t always have access to that cupboard. Really, the things in there would be things we would keep in an attic. We have a wardrobe on the other side of the room so there is no need for us to use it for clothes.

With that cupboard sorted we can move into the hallway cupboard which is mostly full of Evie’s old toys. Again these could be donated, sold and broken ones thrown out because they just don’t get used. We really need to go through Evie’s bookcase and toy storage again because her room is so small and she just doesn’t have room for everything. She tends to keep a lot of scrap magazines and paper. It’s really a job I want to do during the Easter break when she’s with her dad so I can just get rid of the things I know she doesn’t use or play with. She also has around 1,000 soft toys which take up half or her bed and some are looking very tatty, have lost their stuffing or she’s ruined with makeup and felt tips.

That then brings us into the kitchen which is quite a generous sized space for the flat. We sort out the drawers and cupboards every so often which makes it an easier job but the sides often become cluttered. The main jobs are going to be to find a place for everything, get rid of alcohol that we won’t drink, clear the sides, medicine cabinet and go to the bottle bank – another job we (Adam) do fairly regularly but recently we have been putting it off because of the snow and ice. This will get done this weekend because it’s becoming difficult to open the microwave without something nearly smashing to the floor. I also like to sort out our tea and coffee cupboard. I don’t know if many other people have a cupboard just for tea and coffee but we do and some of the stuff will never be drunk so out it goes.

The last room we clear out is the bathroom because it’s the most straightforward. We always ask for toiletries for Christmas and still have these in excess however some of the things we have had just won’t get used. Mostly moisturisers because we both already buy particular ones for our skin so the fragranced ones that come in gift sets usually don’t get used. We then give it a nice deep clean once everything is put away where it should be with empty bottles discarded.

So that’s my plan for cleaning the flat and getting rid of excess clutter. What is your process for Spring Cleaning?

Disclaimer: We received the Milton cleaning products in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own.

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