Starting Our Zero Waste Journey

Ever since I was little I have cared about the environment but I haven’t done much to help it. I need to change my attitude. In fact, a lot of people need to change their attitudes. In the last few months I’ve been looking into sustainable changes and how, as a family, we can be more eco friendly and do more good. As Greta Thurnberg is telling everyone the climate crisis needs to be treated like it’s an actual emergency. Governments and businesses are the ones that really need to pull out all the stops but we, as individuals in society, can start putting pressure and doing more for ourselves.

Reduce reuse recycle - our journey to becoming a zero waste family

I am not perfect and I am responsible for my own carbon footprint and whilst my children are in my care I am also responsible for theirs. So I want to make a change, a difference, and hopefully find cost effective, budget ways to help people along the way. Most importantly I want my children to be able to turn to me and ask “Well, what did you do?” And I want to unashamedly give them an answer knowing that I tried to do something to make a small difference. Hopefully, by blogging about my journey and our family journey to becoming as waste free as possible we will encourage other families to try and make a few small changes. If from reading any of my eco posts someone else changes their way of thinking then that is progress.

I already feel a bit restricted. We live in a flat, with no garden and we’re all meat eaters. I feel like these are all obstacles that we need to overcome and find solutions to work around. I also think being zero waste is a luxury that many can’t afford, particularly those, like me, that currently rely on benefits and live in social housing. There are barriers. I am not expecting dramatic change overnight but I am going to make it my daily mission to press towards change. I’ll go into more detail in exactly what we’ve already done and the swaps we want to make in a future post.

Of course there are lots of things we can start doing right now. We are looking out how we use our water and thankfully we use it very well. We average the amount of water of a two person household and I know there are still ways we can reduce this. We use the eco setting on our washing machine of which we made sure was as eco friendly as possible. We are going to air dry our clothes more too which saves on energy bills that way and now that we are in May, despite the cooler temperatures at the moment, the heating is firmly off and will be staying that way. I have recently changed our electricity bill to a greener supplier too. The more I think about it the more simple swaps and changes I know we could make.

I often think about what it will mean when we move house and how I can ensure we have a more eco friendly future. I’d love a chance to have solar panels and preferably I’d like to avoid using gas and oil if possible. However, as budget might limit where we move I want to look into as many eco friendly solutions as possible. A good example of this would be a water heater. This would be a great way to help with our energy bills as water heaters work on a supply and demand basis. There are some great heaters available like these listed on iPropertyManagement article for every household and every budget. If this is something we need to consider in the future I think this will really contribute to us saving even more water.

I never really saw myself as an eco warrior or anything like that but I want this blog to take a different direction from sharing all of the stuff that I don’t really care about and shining a light on the damage we are doing to our planet. Our family journey will not be perfect, but it will be a contentious start in attempting to live a zero waste lifestyle and we are going to be making big changes over the coming months.

Our Journey to attempting to become as zero waste and waste free as possible, becoming a more eco friendly family

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