staying motivated and inspired work at home

How I Stay Motivated Working At Home

Staying motivated and inspired when you work at home can be quite tough. I go through stages of being really hard working and productive to sheer procrastination and laziness. The paid work keeps me going nicely because there is an incentive but if this blog was all about sponsored content then it wouldn’t be helping anyone and wouldn’t have any personality. I try to mix my posts up a bit because I didn’t start this blog to make money, I started it to share our life together as a family and a part of this blog will always be dedicated to that. However, thanks to my blog I am able to do more things with my family which in turn then gives me more content to share.

How I’m Staying Motivated Working at Home

There are a few things that really help me stay motivated and carry on writing other than a financial incentive or a product to review. One of the things is knowing the information I share is relatable and helps others. I’ve blogged really openly about my second pregnancy and how having a high BMI has made me feel judged and often guilty. The research I’ve done has lead me into keeping everyone updated on this blog but also to write a book because I couldn’t find anything to help stop me feeling bad about my pregnancy and birth decisions when it came to it. I wanted that reassurance and whilst I found it thanks to my doula, partner and supportive health care professionals through research and scrolling through forum threads I found so many women felt absolutely awful about their weight and BMI in pregnancy. They felt shamed and judged and that they had no maternal rights. They felt like labour and birth was being done to them rather than in partnership and that is just fundamentally wrong. I’ve had comments from my followers who have experienced this and hopefully in writing a book about my experience and hopefully with research, tips and information these women can feel empowered and supported in the decisions they make for their perinatal care. Ultimately, I hope that my book will allow them to think and feel positively about birth,  ditch some of that awful guilt and in turn help reduce the risk of development peri and post natal depression.

My children keep me motivated to continue blogging too because I do earn some money and this allows me to stay at home and work around them. It has its downsides in that I can’t take maternity leave and if we are on holiday I still work through it. My income fluctuates too and that is really hard when you have a family to provide for but ultimately I love doing it and no other job would allow me the work schedule I currently have.

My readers keep me motivated, especially with their comments and kind words. They make me want to continue writing and sharing our family experiences. It’s also a great way for me to share photos and things with my family and friends who watch our videos and read our posts so they can see what my children are up to. Blogging is a nice way for me to record our family memories but also so our family can see more of what we are up to as well.

I do think that it’s easier for me to stay motivated working at home because despite the hard work I absolutely love it. I love the events I attend and the toys for my children. I love the days out we’ve had and I love our amazing mattress that I wouldn’t have been able to afford if I didn’t blog. I love how flexible it is and having so many pros to my work day actually makes it pretty easy to stay motivated.

staying motivated and inspired work at home

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