Summer Arts & Crafts at The Lunar Hare

Finding things to do to keep the kids occupied over the Summer holidays can be a little bit tricky but we’ve been having a bit of fun with some Summer Arts & Crafts sessions thanks to the very lovely Laura Hawkins who is a London based freelance graphic designer. I hadn’t met Laura until the day of the event but she was warm, bubbly and had a lot of energy left for someone that had been getting messy with kids all afternoon. It was actually through a friend of mine that I found out about the event.

summer arts and crafts at lunar hare, andover

After our walk up to The Lunar Hare we made our way to the gorgeous garden which is the perfect setting for an afternoon of family fun. I was introduced to Laura who then took charge of the session. Mini Kat is almost six so I had the option of leaving her there for the hour or sticking around. I choose to stick around for a coffee and to grab some photos of the day too!

summer arts and crafts at lunar hare, andover

Laura is running several different sessions for local children throughout the summer from toddlers to pre-teens and she knows how to cater to all creative natures. There was a good mix of children at the session we attended on Tuesday and I am sure there will be another great mix when we go next week. For just £4 Mini Kat spent an hour doing arts and crafts with her friends and the fact that I could leave her there if I wanted to was a pretty helpful option! Next time it will be lovely to sit back and relax whilst she enjoys herself with her friends and have a hot cup of coffee. Each session is follows a theme and different activities to make. Mini Kat had a lot of fun making marble swirl patterns with paint and shaving foam, prints with paint and rollers and a very lovely pink pirate ship too!

summer arts and crafts, lunar hare, andover

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