Surprising Reasons That You Can’t Get Pregnant

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You’re an incredibly lucky person if you get pregnant on your first or even second or third try. It’s always bound to take some time and it gets pretty frustrating when it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Around 80 percent of people get pregnant within the first six months of trying. Only 30 percent of people manage it in the first month so don’t be expecting that. If it’s been that long and it still hasn’t happened to you, there’s no need to panic but you should look at changing your lifestyle. The natural reaction is to think that you can’t conceive at all but in most cases that isn’t true. What’s more likely is that there are aspects of your lifestyle that are stopping you from getting pregnant. All you need to do is make some small changes and you should be able to get pregnant in no time. There are plenty of obvious ones, but you might not have thought about these.


Weight Issues

Having issues with your weight can stop you getting pregnant for a couple of reasons. If you aren’t a healthy weight, it’s probably because you’re eating lots of high fat, high sugar foods. Those foods don’t tend to have much nutritional value which affects your body in a big way. An undernourished body will not ovulate properly which causes no end of problems when you’re trying to conceive. Even if you are ovulating properly, being over the ideal weight for your height can significantly reduce your chances of conception, so make sure that you start an exercise regime and eat well.


I don’t need to tell you that smoking is bad for you and once you get pregnant, you’ll have to stop smoking. But you might not have realized that it seriously affects your chances of getting pregnant in the first place. As soon as you decide to start trying, you should at least switch to an electronic cigarette from somewhere like and stop smoking tobacco straight away. If you don’t, you risk altering the DNA in your eggs, if you’re even ovulating in the first place. If your partner smokes and they don’t give up as well, you’ll find it much harder to quit. You should both give up together and do it in advance so your body has time to reverse a lot of the negative effects before you start trying.

Not Knowing Your Cycle

In school, you’re taught about the 28 day cycle but every woman is different and cycles can vary a lot. If you’re planning your attempts at conceiving around the 28 day cycle then you might be getting the timing all wrong. Most people think that ovulation is two weeks after your period but that’s only true if you have a four week cycle. It’s more accurate to say that ovulation is two weeks before your period. The only way to get it exactly right is to monitor your cycle for a few months and work out exactly when you’ll be ovulating. Visit for some tips on how to track your cycle.

If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, make these lifestyle changes, but remember that it just takes longer for some people. Keep at it and it’ll happen eventually.

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