The Best Christmas Day I Ever Did Have…

As parents we know Christmas is no longer really about ‘us’ and is about ‘them’. Well this is the first year Mini-KAT has ever really understood what was going on. The build up has been fantastic throughout December thanks to nursery and little trips from myself and Adam and her grandparents on her father’s side – as far as I am aware, the celebrations for Christmas are down to his parents for our daughter, not from him… – and she has been very excited.

She has been learning Christmas Carols and Jingles at nursery and as she absolutely loves to sing has been showing us all very proudly what she has learned. Her favourite being When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney. She told me all about her trip to visit Father Christmas at Ray’s Farm in the West Midlands with her grandparents and her second Pantomime, Aladin, where she has been shouting OH NO YOU DON’T very loudly for the rest of the season and insisting we shout it with her. At home we got in the Christmas spirit by making homemade Beeswax candles for secret santa presents and for gifts for family and friends from Mini-KAT, which she loved giving out to people and was very sad when she ran out – she insisted we give them to everyone we knew…and I hope that is a sign of things to come, that she will be just as excited and proud to give gifts at this time of year.

The theme has very firmly been about family this year, at least it has for me, and I have felt very welcomed, overwhelmed and emotional in these last few weeks. My work’s Christmas meal ended in tears for me, be it happy ones, because I couldn’t remember the last time I was allowed to really go out and enjoy myself, and even though I couldn’t really let go and relax I still had a good time. The people I work with are really great, have made me feel welcomed into the team and have made the transition back into work very easy for me. I have been working for three months now, after four years, and in my current full time job for two of those months. It’s had it’s hardships but I am really enjoying the work.

Our Christmas Week began with a full day at work on Monday and coming home to make my traditional (3 years going) Christmas Eve Venison Pie. We collected Mini-KAT from Nursery at 6pm and came home to get the flat ready for the next few days. Christmas Eve meant a three hour trip to work, where I actually got a couple of sales in, amazing really considering the day and the fact I thought most people would not want to be thinking about spending on Christmas Eve…but it was a good morning, very fast and I was quickly on my way home to finish preparations. I finished making my soup for the big day before Mum, Step Dad and youngest sister came over to exchange gifts, no unwrapping involved however, and for a few snacks. A visit from my friend Laura and her lovely Beagle Lady, and dad was over by 4pm. We braved a trip to Asda at 5pm which was no where near as busy as I thought it would be and grabbed booze and last minute snacks, and a Christmas jumper for the boyfriend too. Despite it being a last minute trip it came to £112…good job it was payday!

Home Made Venison Pie

Home Made Venison Pie

Anyway, we got home, put everything away and got the pie cooking in the oven. Gammon for the next day had been cooking for a solid 12 hours by this point and still hadn’t cooked in the middle…it was pretty huge though, so a heatwave helped.

Christmas Day Gammon

Mini-KAT made sure Father Christmas had a Whiskey to warm him and a mince pie on the table. We each opened a Christmas Eve gift, dad getting a photo he’d bought in a nice new frame from mini-KAT’s nursery pictures, Adam having a shot of famous grouse, I opened a lovely new scarf and gloves set from my sister and mini-KAT had a nice new dolly toy.

Our Christmas Tree

We ate, drank, laughed and watched the Lord of the Rings, followed by Al Murray – The Only Way is Epic, before heading to bed. My Christmas Day began at 4am but I did very kindly leave it until 6am to get everyone else up…then it was wrapping paper galore as things were torn up and tossed around. Mini-KAT played whilst I used my gorgeous new Soap and Glory box for a Christmas Morning bath and the two men napped on the sofa. We were picked up at 11.45am and taken to my mother-in-law-to-be’s home for a gorgeous Christmas lunch and spent the day watching The Great and Wonderful Oz on Sky with all the family. Then it was time for presents again where everyone was given some lovely and very thoughtful gifts.

Soap and Glory Box

Adam came away with a lovely new jacket, t-shirt and socks (complete with penguins) and we have a bottle of Baileys Luxe to get through, some scrummy chocolates and all sorts of other goodies. We all got some lovely items and it was a fab day, by far my best Christmas, spent with family.

A Selection of Presents for Me

Boxing Day had not quite an early start, and involved a chilli in the slow cooker, kitchen cleaning and washing whilst everyone else was still asleep. A morning of present playing and photo taking and then a trip to Nans for Lunch with my grandparents and saying goodbye to Mini-KAT who has gone off to her dad’s until New Years Day. It’s been fab. Now back to normality for today and then off until the New Year. It’s my birthday on Monday 30th, so we’re celebrating with a trip to London to see Wicked. Hope everyone had a lovely day.

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