The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

I can’t help but feel that last night was the end of an era. I remember watching the first Lord of the Rings film when I was twelve and here I am today after just watching the final Hobbit movie at twenty five years old. I was not disappointed. The final film bought everything together and came full circle right back to that first Lord of the Rings film which brings back fond memories. The film was excellent, well directed and with all the battle scenes you wanted to see. A few moments of humour, a few moments of horror and even a few tear jerking moments this film played on all of my emotions and it has been the highlight of my December so far.

From the very beginning The Battle of the Five Armies is action packed and gets straight into the action picking up where the last one left off with Smaug about to terrorise Lake Town and then gets straight into the Dwarfs defending Erebor. It was fantastic and now I really do feel in the mood for Christmas!

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