The Importance of Social Support Networks

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Throughout our lives having social support networks is really important and doesn’t just mean your close loved ones. Having a group of friends, an online support group, a group of likeminded people can all help us feel connected with others and know that if we have an issue we have someone to turn to that will be able to help us. Communication in relationships and friendships is really important. Some people, for example, might term to group therapy as a form of support network to help with any issues that may be troubling them. It connects you to a group of people that are also struggling and as they say a problem shared is a problem halved, talking in a safe environment with a group of people who understand, can be really liberating. ReGain offers an interesting insight into the benefits of group therapy.

Over the years I have found solace in my first time mums group which is a group of us that first started speaking online way back in 2010 when we were all pregnant with our first borns. We’ve kept the group alive on facebook and now, ten years later we still talk and share our family lives. We often discuss a lot of things together, share photos and updates and it’s just nice to know there are a group of mums with kids around the same age as mine that know and understand some of the developmental struggles our littles are going through.

Another group I often turn to for support is a group of blogging friends who help to build each other up, boost our blog posts, arrange meet ups and share tips. It’s a great space to let off steam about the industry and acts like a virtual office really because working from home can be really lonely. It’s nice to have a place to vent or chat when we don’t have an office to do it in.

At home obviously I have my family and friends as well as my partner and children so I always feel like I’m something to someone but my blogging group is where I feel really myself. I’ve also started becoming more involved in the bookstagram community which is a lovely place to be for people that share my obsession with bookish fandoms. It’s allowing me to develop skills with photography and support small businesses that are so linked to my principles. I love it.

All of these communities and groups can be linked to the benefits of group therapy because they are social support networks that allow me to be open and honest about a subject I’m struggling with, with people that have an understanding. Being around likeminded people is so beneficial because it can really help to feel connected and know that you’re not alone.

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