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The Positive Planner + WIN

Today I am giving away a copy of The Positive Planner – perfect for those looking to get a bit more positive in 2019 and focus on their self care and mental health. It’s a wonderful 2019 planner, a bright yellow happy colour and full of mindfullness activities as well as daily journal space and weekly check ins.

I got The Positive Planner as a Christmas gift from my partner and I am really enjoying using it. It’s something to do for myself each day to help with the everyday overwhelm. I love planners and I love cracking open a new one in January to plan out the year ahead.

I’ve talked over on my Instagram about my word of the year which is MORE. I want to do more self care, more with my family, more for my health, more walking, swimming, dancing, reading, writing and more making our house a home. The Positive Planner is really helping me to get a little perspective.

So today I am giving you a chance to WIN The Positive Planner. The competition will run until January 31st where a winner will be selected at random. I ask that entrants are over 18 and UK Residents only. The winner will have 30 days to get back to me so I can organise the posting of your prize. Data will only be stored until the prize has been sent out to the winner. Please allow 30 days after confirming address for the prize to reach your provided address. Entrants are through the Gleam app below.

One Copy of The Positive Planner


  1. I like the format/questions – it is different from a usual diary which is left bland – I get days when I just don’t know what to write – but the questions in this diary will promp me into thinking more and writing more!

  2. I absolutely love this. I love journals and love how this one is set out and makes you think positively

  3. I absolutely love this, I love that helps you get a better positive mindset!

  4. I love how it gives you prompts and helps to set goals. I can never keep up with journals as I find it hard to know what to write. This is perfect!

  5. i love the layout and design also it would be great to have a space to reflect fab planner and giveaway thankyou x

  6. Everything – I love lists and goals and positive motivational speakers. So this fits in nicely.

  7. I like the little activities at the start of the book and the reflection pages

  8. I love the idea of a daily reminder to think positively – sometimes the daily grind means you forget to focus on the good stuff.

  9. Love this journal! It’s very motivational and would absolutely make me ponder and make my day a little brighter everyday!

  10. My partner would love this she’s trying a new year resolution of being more positive this would be perfect

  11. I love that it has loads of different questions to get you thinking

  12. I like anything that helps me keep organised and to record important things.

  13. I like the way it focuses your mind to be positive which I find really helpful!

  14. I love the sound of the mindfulness activities. I have told myself that this is going to be an extra special year and this journal looks a great way to keep a positive attitude.

  15. I think the evening reflection looks great and is a good way of thinking about the positives of the day

  16. I like the section for reflection. It’s good to look back and see how many good/bad days you *really* had as I think sometimes we forget the good days

  17. I like that it allows you to plan and evaluate each day. It can keep you focused.

  18. Ok so I suffer with numerous health issues and am ttc. the thing that I love the most about this is that I can track absolutely everything in one place, discreetly, and can keep track of my stress levels (which \i am trying my best to lower)

  19. im currently writing down positive quotes each day, it would be great to write in a journal and to actually prompt what to write

  20. I’ve never heard of one of these before but having bipolar I think it would be a good way to attempt to make each day a good day and also being positive about yourself at the end of the day rather than judging yourself harshly

  21. As an anxiety sufferer, I think this would be great to challenge negative thoughts

  22. I think it can be stressful when you start getting organised, so having a positive planning to sort things in would be fab!

  23. It’s something that you can look back at the end of year and see all the positive things that happened

  24. I started practising mindfulness and the law of attraction last year and I would love a diary like this to give me a daily reminder to be grateful and to reflect!

  25. I feel like this would be a good thing for me right now to remind me to think positively more often. What a lovely diary.

  26. For my lovely daughter who struggles with her mental health and is always journelling

  27. I love the fact it splits each day into sections and lets you reflect on how the day has gone. I am a real notebook and list girl so would love one of these x

  28. Having this structured approach to mood journalling is great and would work brilliantly for me I think!

  29. I love that it makes you remember that whatever life throws at you, every day has it’s positives, no matter how small. It’s a lovely way to remind us to be grateful.

  30. I love that it’ll to remember things as I have the memory of a goldfish lol

  31. I love that it would encourage me to start and finish each day in a state of gratitude

  32. I like how it will be something you could look back on and remember all the positive things, we tend to block the good things out and just wallow about in the bad, I think this planner is awesome.

  33. I like how it records all the positive moments, we tend to forget all the good things that happen when we are down, this would be a good reminder that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

  34. This sounds likes fabulous idea to keep focused on everyday happiness and wellbeing

  35. I love how it encourages you to be more positive and you can look back and see how your mood has changed across the days.

  36. I love the bright colour and the way it gets you to be more positive about things.

  37. it looks a very practical way of giving yourself a positive outlook on life

  38. It would help to keep myself positive and focussed on my goals. It would also help to have a written plan of the steps needed to get there.

  39. It would keep me focused. with fibromyalgia I need all the help to stay positive I can get but something like this would help me loads

  40. I love being able to write down my goals and this would be perfect to keep track and to stay positive

  41. I love how you can look back on positive comments whenever you’re feeling negative and help see the finer things in life.

  42. Everything about this positivity journal makes me think of sunshine – the colour, the lovely questions, the possibilities… it’s lovely!

  43. I’ve just got into planners and have a bullet journal. I love the positivity in this one!! Something I’m working on being more at the moment. Thanks for the chance!

  44. This would be brilliant for study planning plus keeping up with kids and appointments! Fab prize xx

  45. I just love that you get to write your feelings down, clears my head for the next day and it would help me wake up with a fresh outlook for the day

  46. I love the extra features in this planner, being able to reflect on the day, and being able to write goals for the day is a great way to keep on top of mindfulness, and seeing that the days were never as bad as you thought they were.

  47. I like that it focuses on the positives of the day as so often we just feel we haven’t done enough.Love the grateful bit at the bottom x

  48. It is great that mental health now is so important and you can read more and get helpful tools to practice positivity everyday.

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