There is always something to do

We live in a fairly modest sized two bedroom flat. It’s rented, luckily, so we don’t have to really worry about most of the structural issues that come with everyday living. However if feels like there’s always something to work on, change, fix…and we delay them. Mostly because we are both twenty something people who have not really ever had to deal with fixing up a home.

I am desperate for some shelves and have been for the first four years of living here. We have a little alcove between two of the walls which would be ideal to have some shelving running up to the ceiling. This could them make our bookshelf and TV unit look a little less crowded with somewhere to store books, dvds and video games. Mini Kat has two shelves that I put together a very long time ago to go on her wall. Her room is pretty small and we thought it would be a nice way to display a few things and a place for her money box but I have absolutely no idea how to actually put them on the wall so they’re just sat there on the window sill.

Our bedroom ran out of border when we decorated so we have about 3 foot of wall by the door not finished and it annoys me every time I look at it. However I can no longer find the border we have and I really do not want to redecorate the bedroom anytime soon so it’s kind of stuck like that.

I want to make a nice working space for myself and have a very large desk in our living room which is a very chaotic space. I’d love to have a few shelves above it and make everything nice and presentable. Then I could have a specific little area that would be ideal for taking photographs of the products I review.

What I need is someone to come and do all the little jobs, fixing up things, decorating and such for me. I’ve found to be a pretty helpful place to go to get an estimate of all those jobs you need doing from painting and decorating to plumbing.

Either way, the jobs at home will get done eventually, either poorly by me or by someone that actually knows what they’re doing!

How many jobs around the house have are you yet to finish?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. Hi Kat, I should think myself lucky as my husband is a bit of a DIY whizz and I did at one point have to stop him putting up shelves or we’d have not blank wall space left. There is a happy medium that’s for sure!

    I hope you get all your jobs done. You could always resort to YouTube, you are bound to find some fantastic DIY tutorials on there.


  2. From experience if you are in rented accommodation then fixing or decorating the walls is frowned upon. So I’d make sure you run through your ideas with the landlord/lady. I’m sure they’d be very happy to make the place more liveable right? #mmbc

    1. Author

      Mine is rented through a housing association so I’m allowed to put things up on the wall with no issues but they don’t help with anything like that.

  3. I totally agree. I have a small two bed house and like you, there is aways something to do. It drives me mad. I like the sound of the website, thanks for sharing. Thank you for joining the #weekendblogshare

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