Things I Love About Autumn

We have had such a weird year of weather this year with snow in March and a pretty long and extreme spell of hot sunshine in the summer. Now we are in the much cooler, easier to deal with temperature of Autumn and I am just generally finding life a little bit easier. There are quite a few reasons why I love Autumn, although summer is my favourite season – perhaps not when I’m pregnant but to be honest there are things I love and welcome about each season really.

For me my favourite thing about Autumn is the routine that it brings. After a six week summer holiday the first week of September with the sometimes sunny and cooler weather brings back to school and I have to admit I really do welcome this. Even though it means setting the alarm again and adjustment knowing how my days will be just makes life a little easier. I can schedule work better, I’ll have time for my new baby and my daughter will go to bed at a semi reasonable time because she has been busy using that brain of hers all day.

I love Autumn because I am on the chubby side and I really don’t have many summer clothes. Long dresses and leggings with comfortable trainers are my go to and they are much more comfortable to wear in the Autumn rather than the summer where I am plagued with chub rub and underboob sweat.

I love Autumn because I get the slow cooker back out and it’s a season for all my favourite comfort foods. I love using my slow cooker throughout the year but it has it’s most use in the cooler months. Coming home to the smell of stews or pulled pork is just so lovely and I know it’s going to come in handy with Baby F being around and me having a little less time on my hands to prepare meals.

I love Autumn because I have Autumn born babies so we have lots of lovely reasons to celebrate and in he future we can make the most of having two birthdays fairly close together with weekend trips away and exploring. I like having autumn born babies because that extra year before starting school did Evie a world of good and I really think it will make a huge difference to Baby F too.

I love Autumn because I love seeing the return of the festive drinks and all things pumpkin spice. I love fireworks night and seeing my daughter dress up for Halloween. I love getting out and about in the October half term where but most of all I absolutely love the build up to Christmas and the festive season.

What do you love about Autumn?

things i love about autumn


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