Getting Back To work

My 3 Essential Tips for Going Back to Work

I have some exciting news, I’m heading back into a full-time customer service office job next month. With Adam at college full time, we talked about making some changes so that he could reduce his working hours so he can focus on studying. I’m really proud of him and he’s really enjoying his course. I want to make sure he has the time to actually get his assignments done without worrying too much about work. Adam has been working late evenings/nights since I met him which has been hard. We’ve always had childcare to juggle between us with Evie when I was working full time before. This time, things are a little bit different. Evie’s in school now so there’s that gap to fill between finishing school and my finishing work. With Adam reducing his hours, that gap is filled. That actually makes returning to work something I can afford to do without giving 95% of my wages to after school clubs, breakfast clubs, childminders and holiday clubs in the summer. I feel really fortunate that we can do it together. We’ll continue to have a full time and a part-time wage, we can ditch housing benefit and still be better off. I’ll still be earning from my blog and my other monthly income boosting activities too. Basically, we will all be ridiculously busy for the next nine months or so especially whilst Adam is doing his course. In theory, everything seems like it’s going to work out.

I am feeling a bit nervous about going back to full-time work, especially after the gap I’ve had. I’ve been working from home now for over two and a half years which has been a lot of fun but obviously, my income isn’t always guaranteed. I’ve had some really great months income wise but like any business, there are always going to be ups and downs. I know I’m going to have to work on my clumsness and take care a bit more. I’m really conscious of accidentally slipping over and causing injury – there are so many more hazards in the work place to think about than at home! I also need to think about what I’ll be doing if I need to take time off to look after Evie for sickness or accident related – I want to be prepared for everything. The plus is, I’ve established my blog really nicely and will continue with my web search evaluator work which is a nice side income. I’m really glad I made sure all my accounts were up to date this week too because with everything going on I know I’m going to need to be really organised to pull it all off.

It’s quite nerve wrecking going back to full-time work after a gap so I wanted to share a few things I’ll be doing to help make me feel a bit better about it all, give me a bit of confidence and get myself ready for the working day again. I’m really excited about being part of a real team again. I’m looking forward to having my own regular money, speaking and meeting new people and learning something new again. I’m really looking forward to being me again as well and having more structure to my day. Obviously, I’ll miss being at home but I’m mostly here on my own now with Adam at college and Evie at school. It will be really lovely to do something just for me.

  1. Get a new look. I’m not one for spending loads of cash on clothes and I’m not talking about having a big wardrobe overhaul. I do, however, need some work shoes that are going to be comfortable for the long walk to and from school on the weeks I’m taking Evie in and work. Comfort is key I think because the workplace is a good 40 minutes walk from home. I will, however, be glad that I’m still getting a decent walk in every day. I think getting something new, be it clothes, shoes, a haircut, it all helps to make you feel good and that helps you feel a bit more confident, I think.
  2. New Stationary. I love a good excuse to get new stationary. I think, to help keep me really organised, a planner is something I will need to use so I can dedicate the right amount of time to my blog and of course to family. I’ll have to do a lot of planning as well with my blog, keep things scheduled and block out my time. I love the idea of doing sprints so I can stay focused and get the work I need doing, done. I’ll also be learning a lot on the job, so having a notebook to write things down so I don’t forget anything.
  3. Time for myself. I want to block out a bit of time each week where I can not focus on work. Where I can give myself a bit of self-care. I want to also dedicate a few moments each day to using my gratitude journal. I’m hoping this will help to keep me focused and thinking positively, reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing.

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. That’s brilliant news, well done! You sound like you have it all planned out really well. It’s a nice sort of excitement too, there are loads of lovely planners and diaries and things around. Full time with a blog and a child is really really hard, so cut yourself some slack if something has to slip a bit while you adjust. Can’t wait to see how you get on xxx

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