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My Top Travel Essentials – #MarkWarnerMum

This post is entry to become a #MarkWarnerMum.

Another blogger that would just absolutely love to be a part of the Mark Warner Family Ambassador team I thought I’d try and create our entry. We are a family that love to holiday, it is probably the thing I care about most in life. If I don’t have a holiday booked I feel really sad and anxious. Our money goes on trips away and holidays and it probably always will. As a child, I didn’t get to go on a lot of holidays because we couldn’t really afford it but travelling and holidays always hold my fondest memories. In adult hood I have made it my mission to ensure that we have two holidays a year. Sometimes they’ve been just Adam and I, sometimes they’ve been the three of us.

Last year was fantastic for holidays for us going on a cruise and our amazing trip to Disneyland Paris. We’ve also enjoyed city breaks in London, Bath, Portsmouth and Edinburgh which have included sightseeing and a lot of walking as well as family breaks in Holiday parks on the Isle of Wight. This year we’ve got a week booked in Cornwall. I just love to see other places and there is a globe full of countries that I can’t wait to visit. Greece is incredibly high up on my summer holiday wishlist destination so I’ve put together a (sort of) mood board inspired by the essentials I’d need for a holiday on one of the gorgeous Greek islands.

I didn’t just stick out things I liked onto paper…oh no…I tried to be creative and draw my essentials. I then thought oh how about I paint them for a bit of added flair…my creative abilities are a little questionable but don’t worry I’ll explain all the items with words so there isn’t any confusion.

My Top Ten Travel Essentials Mark Warner Mum

I tried…that’s what counts right? Below are my Top Ten Travel Must Haves for a sun holiday.

  1.  Massive Sun Hat. I can’t see at the best of times, a massive sun hat helps keep a bit of shade around me so I don’t have the sun glaring at me but gosh do I love the heat. Evie also loves a big sun hat and I’m sure I’ll be able to find some lovely matching hats for the pair of us. Adam probably won’t wear a hat because he is too cool.
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    Not Wearing Sun Hats but Enjoying an Ice Cream in the sun anyway…Ice Cream is another holiday essential really isn’t it?

  2. This brings me to #CoolMum Sunglasses. I have prescription sunglasses but they are massive and very film star-esque. Evie has Hello Kitty ones and Adam has those mirror ones. We all love a good pair of sunnies.
  3. Sweets and/or chocolate. Hopefully to stop ears from popping whilst the plain goes up. Definitely to distract me of my fear of going up in a plane. I am fine once we’re in the air, landing doesn’t bother me, but the going up really isn’t the best part of a holiday for me. I struggle going up stairs, escalators and lifts too so I think it’s just the fear of leaving the ground. I don’t know, very strange, but a share bag of Malteasers would help get me through it.
  4. Tiny Bottles for Toiletries. I find it really satisfying decanting my usual shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc into tiny bottles. I do sometimes buy the tiny travel versions but in a bid to save money, transferring what I use into smaller bottles is the way forward. Tiny versions of things always look very cute too. top travel tips
  5. Awesome Camera. Because phone snaps just don’t cut it on holiday. Failing that clip on lenses for my iPhone 6S would be something to consider as they can actually take some pretty great photos with a little extra help.
  6. Holiday Admin. Yes I know passports, tickets and things are all common sense items however I do not do holidays lightly. I like to plan our days so that we get the most out of everything. I have a holiday folder which will be full of useful information, restaurants I’ve researched, extra tickets and reservations, our holiday documents, transfer details, flight details, train details…literally a folder of very useful information. Yes, I am creating one for our trip to Cornwall…
  7. Entertainment. We each have a Kindle Fire which is a travel necessity these days for entertainment. Alongside that I’ll have an actual book or two and colouring books. I love to colour or scribble whilst I’m away and it helps keep Evie busy too. I’ll throw in my Headphones to listen to music and probably a few notebooks for writing in. Even on holiday I still like to write down my blog ideas, and lets be honest, I blog about our holidays. I don’t want to miss anything so writing things down, a bit like a diary, helps my old memory.
  8. A Massive Bag. I don’t really like carrying bags on one arm, so I actually use my lovely big animal backpack which is very mumsy of me to be honest. However, I couldn’t draw a backpack so I tried to mimic a stylish handbag instead. In bag however will be most of the above items when actually on the move but also because we are very much a family that likes to walk on holidays. We like to get out and do things regularly together and a backpack is just the easier alternative to carrying stuff around and be hands free. travel light, top travel tips, disney travel tips
  9. My Family. Mainly because they’d be very angry with me if I left them here to sun it up alone but also because I would really like the company. We are a happier family on holiday and it’s so nice to actually have some special time together. With Evie being with her dad every other weekend and Adam working nights we sometimes just pass by each other rather than actually having time together. Holidays are so important for family time and doing things a bit differently. We eat together, usually get up together and have fun together.
  10. A Sunny Destination. This is what I need next. Norway was a gorgeous place but it rained and was grey, there wasn’t a lot of sun, Disneyland was in February so it was pretty cold to be honest. Other holidays have been in the colder months. We are due our summer holiday that’s for sure. A gorgeous island with deep blue waters, a chance to swim every single day, spot wildlife and actually get a bit of colour on my pale skin. It’s been a while since we’ve had a real sun holiday, in fact, the last time I went somewhere warm was Spain in 2008. That is a really long time to go without a hot sun holiday!
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    A good book, a cup of tea and some sun can do the world of good.


  1. Good luck! I think this is a great list of essentials. Seeing everyones posts is making me long for a sunny holiday. x #MarvMondays

  2. Fab entry! Lots of must haves that are usually on my holiday travel essentials. I love how you’ve drawn out your list, definitely a touch of creative flair 😉 Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

  3. Good luck lovely and YES to the big sun glasses. I wear them on the school run in the middle of winter so I don’t have to bother with make-up

  4. Fab list lovely, all absolutely necessary for a holiday in the sun. Love your illustrations too! Best of luck lovely. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

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