Do Transform Your Bedroom. Don’t Empty Your Wallet

The bedroom is such a vital part of the house, it’s where we rest, sleep, and if we are lucky, get the occasional bit of privacy?! That is what makes it so important to have it just the way you want. Unfortunately, it can be very pricey to redo your bedroom, especially if you choose to buy everything from new. Although there are some ideas below that will help you get the bedroom of your dreams and not be bankrupt in the process.

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DIY the painting and papering

First of all, if you are looking to transform your bedroom without breaking the budget, it’s so important that you skip employing professionals to do your painting and wallpapering. It’s not because they don’t do a great job because actually, they do. However, it’s because this really raises the price up so much so that it can make redecorating impossible on a budget.

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That means instead it’s time to roll those sleeves up, don some overalls and get the job done yourself! To help you with this get some painting advice here. While here you can find some rather useful information about wallpaper techniques and the equipment you will need to DIY this part of the bedroom.

Get your furniture from an auction site

Most bedroom renovations will include at least a new bed, and many even a whole new suite of furniture. This all costs money though, and in fact, it is these items that can put the biggest dent in your budget.

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To get around this, forget buying a brand new bed and bedroom suite and instead check out online auctions sites for some bargains in your local area. You’ll probably be surprised at the great quality and range of things you can find too, as the stench from genuine vintage pieces to current Ikea models.

The best thing is that even if you don’t have a car big enough to pick up thing like a bed you can go to sites like Shiply and get a quote on an eBay courier pick up. These are people that will for a reasonable fee pick up your bed and furniture purchase and deliver them to your house. Something that opens up huge potential of what you can buy without breaking the bank.

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Upcycle and repurpose

Lastly, don’t forget that you probably already have some items in your home that can be repurposed or upcycled to be used in your new bedroom design.

For example, you may use the draws from an old dresser fixed to the wall as decorative vintage, style shelves. Alternatively, you may have some old sofa cushions that can easily be dyed to match your bedroom’s transformed colour scheme, saving you the cost of having to buy new ones.


You may even have some fabric lying around that would make a cracking pair of curtains for your new room. Something you can find out more about making yourself by following the link here and is also an addition that is bound to help you transform your bedroom, without spending a fortune.

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