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Travel Photography – Part Two

I recently did a post showing off some of my favourite travel photos and I really wanted to extend on that as I have so many wonderful photos capturing our travel memories. Most of these are from our recent cruise to Norway which features lots of lovely photos of our holiday however I really wanted to show of a few more of my favourites from the trip. Both Adam and I had the pleasure of taking these photos on a borrowed SLR thanks to my sister.

Norway is a beautiful country as you can see from these pictures and there is so much scenery, nature and history to enjoy. Cruising through the UNESCO Geirangerfjord has left a mark on my mind as it was truly stunning. I just wish a little more sun had fought through whilst we were there to help really capture the beauty of this place as the photos are a little darker than I would like and I’m still learning how to edit properly. Norway is a place we will return to in the future where I am sure we will capture more stunning pictures.

Stavanger, Norway, Water, Pond, Photos

Alesund, Norway, Photos, Bunker

Landscape, Island, Alesund, Norway, Photos

Mountain, Village, Mist, Landscape, Geiranger, Norway, Photos

Norway, Geiranger, Troll, Photos

Geiranger, Norway, Photos, Waterfall

Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Geirangerfjord, UNESCO, Norway, Photos

Mountains, Mist, Norway, Geirangerfjord, Photos, Landscape

The Bryggen, Bergen, Norway, Photos


We currently do not have any travel plans which is unusual for us as we usually have something coming up that we are looking forward to exploring so for now we will have to practice our skills in our hometown when out and about. With Autumn now here it’s a great chance to capture nature at it’s finest whilst it changes with all those stunning colours. With both of us getting new phones in December with better cameras I know my regular posts and photography will improve.

I’m going to carry on sharing a few of our favourite snapshots with the next installment being a few flowery nature shots and then following up with some of my favourite family photos.

What do you love about photography? What does it mean to you?

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