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#treaclemoonME App

I’m pretty excited to be working with Treaclemoon at the moment and wanted to shout out about an App they have available. This App is compatible with both Apple & Android users and the best thing is, of course, it’s completely free to use. I downloaded it onto my iPhone 5S and started creating my own Treaclemoon products straight away.

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Above is a screenshot of one of my first creations. I’m absolutely awful at coming up with names for anything and attempted to ask my partner for a bit of help…this is what we came up with! The App is so simple to use. You have the basic template of the bath and shower gel bottles and then simply add the name, story and change the colour. You can even add a few stickers to make it all a little more personal. For those really creative types I’m sure you could design a fabulous new bottle of bath and shower gel. Take a look at some more creative entries on the Pinterest board. My daughter designed Princess Blossom Flowers and then had a go at changing the colours and adding a sticker. She’s a tiny bit addicted now.

pink bath and shower gel, princess shower gel

So what’s the point I hear you ask? Well, it is a fun free App that even little fingers can work although they might need a little help with the writing if they’re very little. My daughter told me what she wanted to add and I did the writing for her. She had plenty of fun adding stickers and changing the colours though which is simply just swiping across to get your chosen shade. However each time you make a creation you can share it over social media as you can see in the image above Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons are all there for you. I personally find it easy to share on Instagram and then click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons so it’s shared on all three accounts at the same time. Make sure you use the #treaclemoonME and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a whole host of bathtime prizes including rubber ducks, Treaclemoon hampers and up to £100 cash. Amazing right? There is no limit on the amount of times you can enter but there does seem to be a monthly closing date which can be found on the Treaclemoon Facebook Page as well as the full terms and conditions of entry.

treaclemoon products, treaclemoon comp, treaclemoon prizes

Photo Credit: Treaclemoon

On top of all this Treaclemoon are looking for the next best product and are going to make a commitment to turning one product per year from the designs on the App and placing them on the shelves. How exciting is this? To think something you had a little play about with on an App can turn into a real product for a company that provides lovely products.

Disclaimer: I was asked to write about the App but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have used Treaclemoon products prior to this post at my own cost. 



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