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Whether you’re unemployed, or you’re currently working in a job that is wasted on you – it’s time for a change. Why get up early every day to a job that not only do you not enjoy, but you don’t get near as much money as you could potentially be earning? Life is too short to be doing something that doesn’t make you happy, so why not cease the opportunity and do something else? – Something that’ll pay better, something that’ll excite and challenge you, and most importantly, something that’ll bring you joy.

Here’s what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Go to College

You are never too old to go back to college, so if this is what you’re worried about – don’t be. College isn’t just a place for school leavers – there are plenty of adult courses that you can do, and there is a lot of flexibility that comes with it so you can fit them around your daily life. You even have the option of doing multiple courses at a time if you have a lot of areas to cover and don’t want to wait.

If this isn’t for you though, there are other ways you can get the grades you need, like lean online courses. Work from the comfort of your own home doing the courses that are required to further your career. A lot of people worry that they aren’t getting the proper education they need this way, but the only difference is you have a virtual teacher, rather than one in person.

Get the interview

Once you’ve bagged the grades that you need, you can start sending out your CVs and hope to get through to the interview stages. One thing that you should always try and focus on is the cover letter. Even if the company you are applying to doesn’t ask for one – do it anyway! Whatever job you are contacting, make sure you do the essential searches about what they do as a business. Then take that and use it to personalise your cover letter to them. Tell them why they should remember you as a candidate, and why you think you will be a good addition to the team. Don’t just talk about the skills that you have, talk about the experience too. This is also something to bear in mind when you do get an interview, but for now, keep it short and sweet in the cover letter while packing a punch.Now it’s just a waiting game. But if you don’t manage to get that dream job straight away – don’t worry about. Pick yourself up and try again. No one said that it would be easy. There are hundreds of people every day trying to fight for the same job – do not let that put you off. Remember, someone has to get it, and that person may be you. So don’t give up. Your time is coming.

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