Using Plastic In Home DIY

Using Plastic in the Home and Garden

This is a collaborative post.

Have you been enjoying this gorgeous glorious sunshine lately? We have, it’s been really lovely. I love that the sun is out, the skies are clear and there are more lighter hours in the day which means there is so much more time to get things done! I feel so much more productive in the warmer weather and lighter hours and it has make me think about a few simple home style and DIY tasks that could be done around the home. I’ve written down a few ideas whilst browsing Simply Plastics to add a bit of colour into our lives and spruce up a few things.

  1. Fixing up playhouse windows. Oh I dream of the day we have a gorgeous big garden and a summer house that can be used as a play house for Evie. For safety reasons using a clear plastic around the windows rather than glass would be ideal.
  2. Acrylic Kitchen Splashback. I really love the look of this to add a little colour into the kitchen and a real contemporary feel. This would be super easy to just wipe clean and I love how sleek it looks.
  3. Patio Furniture table tops. I think this would be so much easier to look after than glass and less likely to smash.
  4. Reflective Plastic. I think this would make for a really fun feature in the garden to encourage play without the worry of glass shattering in an accident. Glass is so hard to clear up. It would be great to be worry free.

So there are just a few ways you can use plastic in the home. Have you got any ideas how you can use plastic creatively in the home or garden? What about an office or business space? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

DIY Plastic Home Garden

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