Valentines Night In for Parents

It’s Valentines Day! Are you celebrating? We won’t be, in fact, we’ve sort of already had our Valentine’s Day at the weekend. Today Evie will be returning home from her dads and at 6pm Adam will be off to work for the night. He’s currently in bed at the time of writing this so it will probably be more of a Valentines afternoon where neither of us have got each other cards. I’m considering buying myself some chocolate to share with Evie when she’s home but it’s quite cold outside. The effort really does start going out the window after five years together. I did, however, get us a lovely slate photo frame where I’m still trying to source the perfect photo.

Finding the perfect photograph, valentines day gifts

Two years ago today we had a pretty magical celebration on Valentine’s Day as a family of three in Disneyland Paris. It was a magical day for Evie in particular as she got to meet some very special princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon. The tables were made up beautifully and we enjoyed a decadent meal by the fireplace. It was an absolute highlight for our wonderful holiday. The thing is, when you’re parents, and it’s half term and you’ve been in long-term relationship, this day just doesn’t really mean the romantic dates it did at the start of our relationship and that’s completely okay. It’s a day we can celebrate our love together as a family and enjoy a bit of time together – or separate, as the case is going to be for us tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing Evie though, she’s been away from us since last Friday spending the first half of the school break with her dad.

On Saturday Adam and I spend the day together in Salisbury which was really nice. We had a nice lunch and did a bit of window shopping before coming home and I got a pretty early night. The walking clearly tired me out a bit too much. We did make the most of our child-free time with the ‘dine in for £20’ meal from Waitrose which included a starter, a main course with two sides, a pudding and we picked the fizzy elderflower presse to drink with it – I enjoyed mine mixed with some fresh juice.

To help us celebrate our parents night in we received some really beautiful Dartington Crystal champagne classes – the sort of thing I think we will be reserving for very special occasions. I love the classic saucer shape of the glasses which gives you a fair amount to drink from the tiny Swarovski diamonds on the glass add a little extra sparkle. Pairing the glasses with a bottle of champagne from Aldi and a bottle of Chambord, Adam, in particular, enjoyed a sparkling cocktail or two. I have mostly been sticking to juices and made up a few mocktails of my own with the sparkling elderflower and Crafted juices. I’ve recently been trying these very delicious juices which are available in Sainsbury’s – I quickly finished the Orange and Passionfruit which is one of my favourites and have a few more to enjoy. The lovely blends contain one of your five a day and they are a perfect drink to have with a tasty meal with no added sugars or sweeteners. I absolutely loved mixing the sparkling elderflower with the Crafted Apple, Lime and Mint juice – really quite refreshing. To finish off a decadent day of food and drink we made ourselves a little cheeseboard with these very suitable Godminster heart-shaped cheeses. We paired ours with some crackers, grapes and onion chutney. Evie especially loves snacking on cheese and biscuits – she has very fine taste!

I think tonight Evie and I are going to make a lot of good use with our new Popcorn machine from Find Me A Gift – a lovely site full of wonderful gifts for all times of the year. I think quirky gifts for the home like this is exactly the sort of thing our family loves using. She’s incredibly excited about using this and having fresh popcorn. It makes for quite a healthy snack too unless we cover it in toffee sauce…that’s quite likely.

Of course, one of the best things about having a night to myself, all the hot water and a daughter old enough to leave me alone for thirty minutes means I can enjoy a very luxurious bath with this gorgeous Olverum bath oil. It makes my bathroom smell like a spa with it’s blend of essential oils and it is by far one of the most lovely bath oils I’ve ever used. I love stepping out of the bath and my skin smelling amazing, feeling soft and unlike other oils I’ve used in the past there is no oily residue on my skin or in the bath. A perfect end to a pretty normal day. After all, it’s the simple things us parents want on days like this isn’t it? Hot tea, an uninterrupted bath and some tasty treats to snack on.

How are you spending Valentines Day?

Disclaimer: I received some of the products above in exchange for this post and feature. All opinions remain my own. With thanks to the generous brands for their contributions.

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