Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle Review + Giveaway

I recently received the Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle and a set of Vremi Silicone Ice Cube trays which have been lovely kitchen accessories. The Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle is quite small and a lovely red colour. I imagine it would be the ideal tea kettle to take on camping trips using over a fire for a proper hot cuppa. When I received the kettle I didn’t think I’d get more than one cup from the kettle because it does look quite small but I was pleased to get two full cups of tea from it.

The Kettle is unlike one I have used before as you heat it up on the hob. One thing that really pleased me is that the Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle is suitable for Induction stove tops which is what I have. On an induction hob, you can have the heat setting quite high. When I first tried the kettle I kept it on a middle temperature because I didn’t want to ruin the teapot base but it took absolutely ages to boil. Turning it up to a mid-high heat resulted in a much quicker boil. I love the novelty whistling sound to know that the kettle is boiled, it’s really fun! Once boiled the kettle has a little trigger you can hold to open the spout and pour out hot water. I found it boils enough water for two cups of tea.

The Vremi Whistling Tea Kettle works just like any other kettle, you fill it up and boil the water but it’s really convenientĀ not having to have lots of wires everywhere and has freed up a plug. I wanted to review the kettle to review my broken one and because there is usually only two of us this has worked very nicely as a replacement.

The straight chillin’ ice cube trays are silicone and come with a lid to help reduce spillage. These have been very useful over these last few weeks where we had a bit of warm weather and needed a cooling refreshing drink after the school run. I find it’s always handy to have ice cubes on the go and in the freezer. They’re also great for making frozen stock cubes and herb butter cubes. The trays produce pretty big ice cubes and the pop out easily thanks to the silicone. They are BPA free.


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