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What We Did In April

Right at the start of April we had the Easter Bank Holiday followed by two weeks off school. I have to admit it was a pretty relaxing couple of weeks with Evie with us for the first half and with her dad the next. We were back at school shortly after she came home but actually the two weeks passed at a really nice pace. I felt pretty refreshed getting back into a routine. Easter is a pretty ‘do nothing’ time of year for us anyway although next year I think I’d like to book a little break away and give us something to look forward to after the doom and gloom that is those cold, cold winter months of January and February where we felt REALLY poor. I was really glad to see the back of March, the snow and welcome some really glorious warm weather, sunshine and family time. Visiting the Hawk Conservancy Trust was a great day out for us all and we loved having a bit of sunshine as we watched the birds flying about.

African Flying Display, Grass and Lake, at Hawk Trust, Andover

Evie is getting on with things nicely. She got to come with us to my official dating scan just after I was 16 weeks pregnant and got a chance to see this little baby bumbling around inside me. She was so ready for the two week break from school and enjoyed a lot of chocolate thanks to family and friends generous amounts of chocolate eggs, buttons and a few new outfits too. When she did come back from her dads she was a little on the poorly side and spent the first day with us with sickness. Luckily it passed very quickly and she soon got her appetite back and was well enough for school on the Monday. She’s had a good couple of weeks back now and is unknowingly about to do her Year 2 SATs. She is growing ever so excited about her baby brother or sister, insists that she’ll never change a nappy (Not that I would expect her to!) and thinks ‘Patch’ makes a great middle name! She had all of her hair chopped off and is looking really rather grown up. We’re now on the downward hill half of the year to her turning 8 too, just before the baby will be here! I think one of her highlights was getting some gorgeous spring dresses from Monsoon.

Girl Wearing Pink Saffie Spring Dress from Monsoon with Pineapple, Seahorse, Shell and IceCream pattern, Spring Dresses Blog Post

Adam is in the last stretch of college for the year now. It’s been a really intense year for him but I’m so proud of how well he’s done throughout the year. He’s had a fair few distinctions, merits and a couple of passes too and it’s really given him a boost of confidence which is so nice to see. At the moment he is finalising his independent personal project which is his biggest paper as well as a couple more smaller assignments and a couple of exams. He was due to finish at the end of May but there have been a few issues which has pushed things back a little. I am really confident he will pass his Access course in Social Sciences and that will lead him to University in September. He’s still working alongside studying but has more part time hours now which have really worked in his favour. It’s his birthday next week and we will be celebrating during the bank holiday weekend which I’m really looking forward to.

I am now 19 weeks pregnant and have my next scan on 11th May. Through April we had another scan that confirmed dating and gave us a new due date. We also hired a Doula, Sophie, who I have a couple of sessions booked in with over the summer to get my birth plan done. I really want to sort of finish this by my consultant appointment in June so I can talk it through with him at the hospital. I’ve started writing a book about high risk pregnancy which is basically an extended series of blog posts, resources and hopefully will contain a lovely positive birth story at the end. I want to give other high risk mums a bit of a glimpse into what high risk actually means and to hopefully reassure them of their rights, choices and that they can still have a positive pregnancy and birth. High risk really isn’t the be all and end all and you can be high risk for so many things.

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