Where Do Germs Hide?

In case you’ve missed it, the Environment Agency in the UK has issued a warning of flooding in more than 200 areas across the country as torrential rain is appearing everywhere on the forecast map. The worst weather is going to hit south-west and cross the country up to central Scotland, bringing up to 3 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. 

As a parent, you worst worry is to ensure your children will be able to stay in the dry. From raincoats to wellies, schools are warned to be a little more lax about uniforms this season. However, you can’t protect your child from the weather. They will likely come across puddles, raindrops, and winds on their way to school. Is it going to increase the risk of catching a cold?  

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Let’s demystify cold weather

Many of us tend to assume that our children are more likely to catch a cold if it’s cold outside. In reality, doctors have confirmed that cold virus and other typical winter illnesses are not linked to the weather. In other words, the temperatures have nothing to do with catching a cold. However, it is fair to say that when the body is cold, your immune system can present weaknesses, which facilitates the spread of germs. Germs, however, don’t hide in the outside. In fact, viruses don’t like a hostile environment. They much prefer the warmth of the indoors. Indeed, most people are likely to catch a bug indoors in winter than outdoors. The reason is that we prefer to gather at home when the weather takes a turn for the worse, which is where we sneeze, blow our noses and cough within a small space. In short, germs are not waiting in the cold; they are indoors with you! 

You catch a cold indoors 

As your children are more likely to catch a cold at home or in the classroom when the cold rain weakens their immune system, the only solution you’ve got is to give no chance to germs to spread. Keep your surfaces clean at home using products that can disinfect safely, such as the Big Clean selection. The bathroom sink and cabinet, kitchen countertops, and dinner table are the areas that are the most likely to attract germs. You should also make sure to wash your towels and bed sheets every few days in a high-temperature cycle, especially if one of you is coming up with a fever. 

Support everybody’s immune system 

Last but not least, you can help your kids to stay warm even when it’s raining. Keeping their extremities warm with gloves, raincoats, and waterproof shoes can already be a great help. But you can also support the immune system with vitamins and supplements such as fish oil in capsules and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make also a point of switching your morning yoghurt for kefir, which is a yummy probiotic product that supports gut health and boost your immune system. 

Germs hide at home. Washing your hands regularly can help to limit spread, but it’s not enough. Keeping your surfaces clean to remove potential bacteria and supporting your immune system as the temperatures cool down in your best line of defence. Indeed, as the weather gets cold, your immune system becomes weaker, so don’t take any chances! 

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