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Would You Retire Abroad?

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I have to admit the idea of retiring abroad in my future is a really lovely thought. I have never been the type of person that can spend more than a few years in one place. Right now I’m itching to move and would love a chance to relocate. Retirement my be far ahead in my future but I love the idea of having a place in the sun to enjoy my years and provide a place for family to visit, giving them a lovely summer holiday. Travel and seeing other cultures, experiencing new countries is something I absolutely love to do. I love going on holiday and wish I could see more of the world. I expect there are a lot of people that feel the same too. Schofields Insurance recently conducted some really interesting research to find out why people want to move abroad and where the most popular places are. You can find the full results of the research here. 

61% of those that retired abroad said it was a better way of life. I can completely see that with more sunshine, a chance to really relax and experience something completely new. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of working life that when you retire completely moving away from that life is a great way to embrace change and actually relax. It’s very hard to relax in the same place with a new routine. 59% said it was a more affordable way of life too and 36% liked the idea of walks on the beach, mountain views and change of scenery. That sounds like my kind of retirement to be honest with you.

Canada, Retire Abroad, Mountain Scenery

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I was really surprised about the top five destinations that people go on to retire but I can completely see why after reading a bit more. Apparently Canada is rated by the UN as the best place to live. I do think Canada is a beautiful country and somewhere I would love a chance to visit in the future. It certainly fits in with the mountain views and drastic change of scenery although I’m not sure I could deal with the snow in the winter they get over there. I think my choice would be the south of France and I agree with the heavenly food and wine as well as all the beautiful places to visit. The Canary islands are also beautiful with stunning backdrops and year round sun, although I know from experience, it can get a little windy there!

I think travel is such a fundamental part of life. There is so much to see on this beautiful planet and retiring abroad is an incredibly desirable option for so many. With the beautiful places that are up there in the top five destinations I can absolutely see why individuals would want to move there for. I would absolutely consider relocating abroad if it was a decision that would benefit the family. It’s not something we need to do right now but it’s something that would be wonderful to experience. I want my children to grow up with that thirst to travel, see new things and experience new cultures.

Would you considering relocating or retiring abroad?


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