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Welcome to the first #DreamandSparkle Linky

Together with Nicola from Sparkles at Midnight we would like to introduce you to our brand new linky #DreamandSparkle.

The name simply comes from both of our blogs combined together but we both felt it meant exactly what we wanted this linky to be about. We have both had a lot of fun joining in with #Blogtober16 and wanted to carry on with something that would be a place for bloggers from all walks of life to share things they love and that they’re proud of. #DreamandSparkle is a place for feel good positivity.

Link up a post that you feel raises awareness for an important cause, a positive experience, a favourite family memory – absolutely anything that makes you feel good, proud, accomplished or successful.

Proud of your photos? Add a direct link to an Instagram photo you’ve posted recently that makes you feel proud and positive. Perhaps you’re working on your photography skills and want to show it off to the world or perhaps you’ve just got yourself some lovely new treats that have made you feel amazing. As long as that photo makes you feel good, we want to see it! Remember to add the #DreamandSparkle to your photos to raise awareness of the linky and so that others can find you easily. We want #DreamandSparkle to be every bit a community as it is a weekly linky.

New or seasoned vlogger? We want your videos! Have you uploaded a video about a positive experience, an unboxing of lovely things or have an important message to share? Whatever your message if it makes you feel good we want to include you too! You can share a direct link to you YouTube video or a blog post with a video for us to watch.

What do we want from the Linky?

We want to share the blog love and help raise your social profiles. We want to grow our readership and find new blogs to fall in love with. We want to help raise your confidence with your writing, your photos and your videos. We want everyone that joins in with us at #DreamandSparkle to feel amazing and we want to promote positive.

There are times when I’ve suffered and felt a bit rubbish but a blog post, photo or video has really helped to cheer me up. We want to spread the love and share the positivity to everyone.

What will you get?

Each week Nicola and I will pick a favourite from those that have linked up. Each of our favourite features will get a link back to their blog, the post, photo or video they linked up and links to social media so you can follow them too.

#DreamandSparkle Linky Rules

You can link up to two posts. They can be anything you like as long as they make you feel good and celebrate positvity. This could be a blog post, Instagram photo or YouTube video. Please don’t post another Linky.

Comment on one each of the host’s post, the post just before yours and any other that takes your fancy. Please use #DreamandSparkle when commenting.

Tweet us when you’ve linked up @KatCandyfloss @MissSparkles81 for a RT

Spread the love even further by Pinning or Tweeting your favourite posts from other linkers.





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