A Catch Up With Evie – November

I am so thrilled to be co-hosting the fabulous monthly Linky ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ with Happy Mummy Blogs and Double the Monkey Business. The linky is a great way to celebrate all the lovely steps, development and milestones of our little ones and taking time to get a photo together. I thought for the first post I would tell you a bit more about Evie, for anyone that doesn’t know my daughter really, and to introduce the linky.

I had my daughter fairly young, I suppose, as I was only twenty-one at the time. We’ve been through a lot together so we have a really close relationship which I hope will continue as she grows up. Evie is six and is half way through the Autumn term at school – she’s in Year One. Evie quite likes school although she thinks it’s a bit boring because she doesn’t have as much fun as she did in Reception.

I took this photo of the two of us on the way to school one morning wearing our cosy winter hats. Very appropriate for this time of year I think! We have quite a long walk to school so wrapping up warm is a must every morning. Evie is pretty good at getting ready for school, although she always picks tights that fall down and refuses to wear trousers which gets a little frustrating.


At the moment Evie is getting really excited practicing for her school nativity play next month. She keeps ‘forgetting’ who she is playing but she didn’t want a speaking part. She’s not particularly shy as such but she does get embarrassed very easily if she feels she’s got something wrong. I get a bit like that too and really hate having to speak in front of a group or crowd. I’ve loved listening to her sing the songs she’s learning though. It’s very sweet.

Evie is doing so well with her reading now. She very rarely asks me for help and we read every night together. Last month she got a certificate for reading out loud at home 25 times. I think its great her school has these milestones, it really helps children to celebrate and understand reading. They’re a bit book obsessed are school, and each week Evie goes to book club to buy or save up for a book she wants to buy. A great way to teach children about saving and choosing their own things to buy.

I am really proud of her handwriting this month as it has improved so much since the start of the school year. I don’t agree with cursive script, I think it’s a really stupid thing to teach when it’s not forever and more work will be done on a computer as she gets older but she’s trying really hard and it’s much clearer and easier to read now.

I look foward to another month of love, fun and laughter.


  1. Aww! Bless her. It sounds like your girl is doing very well….
    Ugh! Cursive script has caused so many arguments here…My 9 year old doesn’t get to use a pen at school until she perfects her handwriting which I think is unfair…Surely writing in joined up writing would be easier with a pen! Hmmf x

  2. Evie seems to be doing so well at school! I can imagine how much of a change it was for her going from reception to Year 1 but at least there are so many exciting things including the nativity! Xx

  3. I’d love to know the reasons behind cursive script. My daughter has just started reception, she knows all her letters, but she’s had to relearn them effectively with the flouncy whirls on them. Joined up writing is faster, but I don’t understand how it teaches them to read or write faster. I’m sure the teachers know what they are doing through.

  4. That is great that she is doing so well with her reading! Looking forward to hearing how she got on at the nativity. Lovely pic of you both hun x #slippingthroughfingers

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