Christmas Day 2015

We have had a fantastic family fun filled day today on Christmas Day 2015 which has been full of good friends, great food and flowing drinks. Evie has had a host of wonderful presents of which I would like to say, to friends and family, thank you. She is an incredibly lucky girl to have so many loved ones in her life.

Evie and I in our Cracker Hats
Evie and I in our Cracker Hats

Tomorrow she is going to celebrate a second Christmas with her Dad and his family whilst we plan on de-cluttering, relaxing and enjoying a few child free hours to prepare for my 27th Birthday on Wednesday and of course bringing in the New Year.

cracker hats, christmas day

We are a very fortunate family and each year our Christmas is filled with more faces and we are making more memories but I know some of my friends have had a really, really hard year. To you I would say that I have been were you are now, I have fought similar fights, I have had to stay strong when I feel like falling apart and I know this is the hardest time of year to keep everything together. Keep going, keep strong and keep smiling that beautiful smile and one day things will get just that bit easier.

Evie enjoying her lunch
Evie enjoying her lunch

Merry Christmas to friends old and new, I hope you’ve had a fantastic day. Please spare a thought for those that aren’t as fortunate, aren’t as able or don’t have as many loved ones around as you do.

A very lucky girl with a selection of her gifts this year
A very lucky girl with a selection of her gifts this year

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  1. […] The build up to Christmas was fantastic. She was so exicted and it was the first time she ever really seemed to get what it was all about. I watched her Nativity production and Christmas concert with pride after listening to her practise at home and on the walk to and from school for the last few weeks. She really got into the spirit, more so than she had before and actually for the first time enjoyed giving presents. She’d attended a Christmas Bazaar and had chosen, semi-wrapped and purchased an item for me and Adam. It was very sweet. She got me a bottle of perfume and Adam a packet of sweets which she insisted he share with her. […]

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