A Family Wedding

When I first set this blog up I not only wanted to share the things I love but also the people I love and a place to document many happy memories with my family. On 15th July, we celebrated a long awaited wedding. My Uncle finally married his fiancee, after ten years of life together and it was a fantastic day. I first met Selina, my now official Aunt, when I was 17 and she has shown me nothing but kindness. We’ve had some really great talks over the past few years too, some a little more on the emotional side and some on the very funny, happy side. Often at the expense of my Grandad or my mum’s really bad texting skills…honestly, you sometimes need a dictionary to understand what she’s sent you…but I digress.

Selina is also the mother of my youngest cousin, the only Grandson on this side of the family and he is a little cutie. Yesterday, at the wedding, he very proudly let me give his Captain America Build-a-Bear a cuddle (only after I’d cleaned it when he fell in the bush, I might add) and he gave me a fig too. Mini-Kat adores him too, she was looking forward to playing with him and the flower girl, who was her best friend at nursery, all week! My Uncle is my mum’s only brother and he’s been through a lot. I’m really glad he’s had Selina in his life to go through that with and I couldn’t be happier for the both of them.

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Yesterday was a beautiful day and a lovely way to catch up with family. Mostly because of distance, I’m a lot closer to my mum’s side of my family which is just the way things have worked out really. It was really lovely to see so many of them down for the wedding. They’re all so easy to talk to and really kind. I’m very lucky.

The ceremony at the church was really lovely, and wow, what a Vicar! He had a fantastic rainbow cloak with a personality to match and he made the service very enjoyable. Selina looked really beautiful in her dress, as did my cousin as a bridesmaid. It was lovely to see the whole family together. Plenty of photographs were taken before we headed off to the reception venue, waving Selina and Terry of in their VW wedding van – a great touch I have to say!

me and mini kat at family wedding july

The wedding breakfast and reception was hosted at the Grosvener hotel in Stockbridge which is a really lovely place. It has plenty of gardens, a relaxing conservatory and a lovely function room which was perfect for the wedding breakfast and evening reception. The place looked really beautiful actually. We enjoyed Processeco whilst more photos were taken and we got the chance to chat to other family too. Mini Kat was pretty much gone from that moment playing with the other children and had a lovely time.

Our meal was really lovely and it was a great chance to chat with family. The little quiz boxes were a very nice touch too and we had a lot of fun with them. The children got a lovely little goody bag too to help keep them occupied at the table. Mini Kat absolutely loved her Super Girl accessories and is insisting on wearing them at all times. The colouring pages really helped whilst we were listening to the speeches made. Everyone had a little giggle when we were waiting for the speeches to start and the hold up was due to my nan! Everyone cheered when she came back.

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We couldn’t stay for the whole evening reception but everyone looked like they were having a great time. Mini Kat very much enjoyed a little dancing and I know she helped herself to a few pieces from the buffet! I loved the sweetie table myself!

The day was really wonderful and I’m so glad I was a part of the day. I’m glad I can document such a lovely wedding on my blog and I hope all my readers will wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

family wedding

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