A Sister’s Birthday

Today is my sisters birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Leah. As the years go by I forget how old you are. I think you’re twenty three today. That would make sense because there are 4 and a half years between us so I’m guessing I am right. That is beside the point though. Here is a picture of us together from our holiday in 2009.

sister, birthday

We argue a lot, still, even but I am really glad to see how you are growing. Like a fine wine. Well, not really but each year rather than annoy me like you used to, I am becoming more and more impressed with how you are handling life. Yesterday was a pinnacle for me I think. I have never been so proud of you as I was yesterday. I’m not going to scatter this post with political arguments because this post is not about that. However, a while ago my sister and I had a very big argument about politics because she didn’t really see the point in voting for something. I am quite passionate about this subject and we both said things we didn’t mean to each other.

My sister voted on Thursday for what she felt was right and yesterday she was shocked, upset and angry at the result. She expressed that, without being vulgar and making obscene comments but she freely expressed her right to be saddened by the result of a vote, as many of us did. I have never known her to research something so fully and to really try and grasp but leaving the EU would mean for her and I am so proud and impressed with the things she said. We are a family of divided politics, and it’s actually a very frequent discussion, which I’m actually really proud of. My grandparents, and my mum and step dad are usually of a similar view whereas my dad and I alongside with my uncle and cousins, share similar views. It leads to lots of healthy debates, discussions and they do sometimes get a little heated but I love my family. Just because we all voted differently doesn’t mean we’re not a strong unit. L

Leah has always been on a little cloud protected by her own naive attitude to the “real world” but in the last couple of years she has faced some true trials and the way she has grown from them has really impressed me. She will be starting her final year at University this year and is currently in the process of designing some business cards for me. She’s an excellent and aspiring graphic designer of which I hope I can help her in the future by showing her work to my lovely blogging community. She’s been living in her own place for a while now too which has really impressed me. Honestly I thought she would struggle with the independence of living alone as despite being away from family for the last couple of years she has been among family friends and still had the support of adults to help ease her living so far away.

Happy Birthday to my sister. I can’t wait to see what you get up to next.

sister, happy birthday sister

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